7 Ways on How to Serve White Wine

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Wine service doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but a few tricks of the trade will ensure that your wine always tastes great and that you look like a pro in front of your guests. There are best practices to follow to ensure that your white wine service goes off without a hitch every time. Here is how to serve white wine to your guests:

1. Get that bottle to the right temperature

White wine needs to be chilled, no questions asked. If you’re super eager to get it open, you can pop it in the freezer for a bit to speed up the process. But do not skip this step. Generally, white should be served at 45–49°F and remember that the lighter the wine is in color and style, the colder it should be served to maintain its acidity and freshness.

2. Have your stemware in order

For most types of white wine, it is ideal to serve them in a stemmed glass with a U-shaped bowl. This will capture and evenly distribute the wine’s floral and fruity aromas. Glasses designed specifically for white wine will have been made so that the rim directs the wine to the front of the palate, balancing acidity and fruit. The smaller opening on most white wine glasses is also intended to keep the wine cooler for longer.

3. Chill the glass

Another trick you can use to ensure that your wine stays cool for a longer period of time is to chill the glass itself. As white wine warms, it can become unpleasant, so this step is worth the extra effort. Simply place a handful of ice in a wine glass and slosh it around in a circular motion until the exterior of the glass is frosty. Then go ahead and dump the ice into the sink or a bucket and pour the wine into the chilled glass.

4. Get out the ice bucket

If you’re serving a whole bottle of wine between fewer people than it takes to finish the bottle with one pour, you should have something on hand to chill it. An ice bucket can easily do the trick. Just fill one up with equal amounts of ice and water, keeping the wine bottle stored inside until you’re ready for the next pour.

5. Reusable ice cubes are also an option

If you’re only looking to chill a single glass, reusable ice cubes can also come in handy. Only the reusable variety though! Standard ice cubes will dilute and significantly affect the taste of your wine.

6. Remove a cork with ease

Although many bottles now open with a screw top, it is essentially to know what to do with a cork when you encounter one.  First of all, take care to cut the top rim of the capsule away from the bottle. Once it is removed, twist the corkscrew into the cork starting at a point in the centre. Then carefully wind the cork screw down so you still have enough room for the arm of the cork screw to sit on the rim of the bottle and act as a lever. This will make is easy to gently lever the cork out of the bottle.

7. Adhere to standard serving size

When serving wine for your guests, slowly pour the standard wine pour (3 oz.) into the center of the glass until it’s around one-third full. Keep in mind that a standard bottle of wine has enough for an average of 5 servings, but you can adjust that one up or one down depending on how many people you’re serving. Never full the glass more than half full.

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