6 Gender Neutral Gift Basket Ideas for Adults

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The world of gift-giving has been common throughout our history as a species. Many presents can come about in simple formats, while others can be as complex as you’d like them to be. Sometimes, you can even dedicate an entire present based on themes, such as special occasions, titles, and gender.

Concerning the latter, you may also want to build a completely neutral gift. This allows the recipient to feel at ease with what is being presented. Gender-neutral gift baskets, as a result, may be one of the best presents to give that special someone in your life.

Let’s check out six gender neutral gift basket ideas for adults.

Idea #1: Beverages

You may feel inclined to grab your favourite tea on those hot or cold special days and settle in. Whether a hot mug filled with tea or a glass of wine, these drinks are soothing to the mind and body. The best part about this is that they can be entirely objective as a present. So, throw a few of these into your gender-neutral gift basket.

Most of the time, all you need to do is simply determine what the recipient’s preferences are. Sometimes, it is better to go with a few options rather than settle for one beverage flavour. That way, not only do you meet their preferences, but you diversify the gifts as a whole!

Idea #2: Snacks

Why not throw in some tasty treats to go alongside the beverages? Regardless of their form, gift baskets will always be balanced out by snacks. Thankfully, you have an abundance of options to choose from. In most cases, you can go with savoury snacks, as they balance out the flavour palette from the given drinks.

Potato chips, and their delicious alternative, are always a welcome addition to a gift basket. Plus, they are inexpensive and do not have to break your budget. Place your snacks near the base of the gift baskets Toronto. This will give you ample space to put more or less than you require.

Idea #3: Chocolate

One of the reasons why you should think about chocolate separately is that it can be special on its own. Even for something as special as a gender-neutral gift basket, the adult in your life will surely appreciate it. This is where you get to think outside the box; try to find uncommon chocolates.

Gourmet options are the ones to go with here, as they taste much better than their common counterparts. These types of sweets are not even that much pricier! As with snacks, you can place them near the basket’s base or higher. Just showcase them clearly, as their appearance will draw in the eyes!

Idea #4: Miscellaneous Items

Gender-neutral gift baskets consist of an assortment of cool items and consumables. Regarding the former, you may want to select something that stands out completely. As such, there will always be some products or items that can take the recipient by surprise. These can range from witty phrases on a ceramic mug to frames for a special photograph.

Either way, make sure you think about what the recipient likes in terms of preferences. Keep these in the back of your mind, as they can help inform your decision at a later point. In terms of placement in the gift basket, you’ll want to also place them front and centre for a captivating view.

Idea #5: Gift Cards

In terms of being as neutral as possible, there may be no better present option than a gift card. These cards can be used in many shops, from restaurants to clothing stores. So, the loved one in your life may find a use for them once they have them in their hands.

You have several ways to go about the process when choosing your gift cards. You can buy pre-loaded cards in certain denominations or purchase them to load a custom amount. If your gender-neutral gift basket includes them, diversify the cards for different shops.

Idea #6: Personalized Card

Your gender-neural gift basket should include something from your heart. These do not necessarily have to be bought; they can be something you make from scratch. A lot of us take for granted just how special a handwritten card can be in this day and age. Grab one, write a special message, and place it right at the front of the gift basket!

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