6 Interesting Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

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As the holidays fast approach, shoppers are busy checking their lists, flyers, store signs, and websites for the ultimate Christmas gift for their loved ones. Some people are easy to buy for but others pose more thought and creative planning.

If your inner circle includes someone with a real love for drinking and buying wine, then we have the ultimate gift ideas for you. These top six are guaranteed to put a smile on their face when they open their present.

1. Customized Wine Bottle Holders

Wine bottle holders continue to be a popular and trending item this holiday season. From cartoon personalities, body parts like manicured hands, and cute animals to artistic styles, fashion accessories like bags or shoes, and sophisticated stainless steel designs, the wide selection of not only make a great gift idea, but they create the perfect platform to display a bottle of wine. Made in a variety of themes, patterns, colours, and shapes, it is easy to find the right holder to suit your loved one’s personal tastes and interests.

2. Mechanical Stainless Steel Openers

Opening a bottle of vino can be a real struggle for some. The traditional cork screw tools can be difficult to use and, if not done properly, make pulling the cork out of the bottle difficult, A mechanical stainless bottle opening tools are not only contemporary and attractive, but they make removing the cork a breeze.

3. Monthly Wine Subscription

This is the perfect gift for the ultimate wine drinker who has everything. Wine subscriptions are monthly memberships where a different type of wine is delivered right to the person’s home each month. This novel present is the gift that keeps on giving till the next holiday season. For an entire year, your closest pal will be sent a bottle of vino to sample.

4. Stemless Wine Glasses

This year glasses are designed without stems. The sleek, stylish vessels add a whole new elegance to drinking your favourite beverage. The contemporary glasses come in square, oval, and round shapes. The trendy glassware will create a modern, sophisticated tone to any dinner setting or event.

5. The Ultimate Wine Opener Boxed Set

Give someone all the tools they need to open and recork their bottles with the ultimate boxed set of wine opening tools. Each set comes with a bottle opener, stylish, reusable stoppers, and other accessories needed to remove the top. The boxed collection comes in different sizes, colours, and prices to meet everyone’s wants.

6. Label Makers

Those with a real passion for making their own wine enjoy bottling their brew in bottles with their own customized, personal wine labels. While some stores offer this service, you can give the person the tools to create their own logo with a label maker. Your home vino maker will have a wonderful time experimenting with different artistic patterns to create their own one-of-a-kind bottle covering.

7. Stopper Collection

In today’s cork shortage, eco-friendly era, it only makes sense to use reusable bottle plugs rather than waste valuable natural resources on sealers to close an unfinished bottle of vino. Man-made stoppers are not only better for the environment, but they add a creative flare to the top of a glass vessel. The animated accessories come in different styles and images to give your bottle tops a creative, personal touch.

Buying Christmas presents can be tricky, especially for the hard-to-buy-for person. Choosing a gift that compliments something they really enjoy is a sure fire way to put a smile on their face this holiday season. If you have a wine lover on your list, there are many accessories and tools that make great gift ideas.

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