9 Known Causes of Hair Loss in Teenage Males

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It is embarrassing for a teenage male to suffer from hair loss. Of course, teen boys are too young to suffer from this problem, but it is also embarrassing for them to go to school looking like that. Remember, we live in a superficial world and where bullying is ubiquitous.

We all know how important our hair is to us. It is also important to learn why hair loss is happening. Here are nine known causes of hair loss in teenage males:

1. Diabetes

Many known causes of hair loss in teenage males are for medical reasons. In the last couple of decades, there has been a surge in the number of cases of juvenile diabetes. This is a chronic condition in which the pancreas does not produce insulin, which allows the sugar to enter cells to generate energy for your body. It can be rough when you’re diagnosed with it, especially at a young age.

One of the earliest signs of juvenile diabetes is hair loss. If you notice that you are shedding hair, then you will need to have your blood sugar levels checked.

2. Medication

More teenagers are taking medication than ever before. Whether it is for a mood disorder or for a physical ailment, medications are being prescribed to teens on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, the causes of hair loss in teenage males may be due a bad reaction to the strong medication. A teenage boy could see his hair shed because he is allergic to a prescribed drug. The other issue is that perhaps the medication is damaging the hair protein called keratin.

This is why it is important to discuss the side effects of any medication before consuming it.

3. Steroids

Indeed, there are many side effects of taking steroids. While it is a quick way to boost your muscles, one of the earliest symptoms of extended health problems will be hair loss. The hair loss is troublesome, but it might be a glimpse into further and more serious health problems.

4. Styling

A quick glance at the supermarket or drug store and you will find entire shelves dedicated to hair styling products. It is amazing how much gel, hairspray, and other items are available for men of all ages. Unfortunately for teens, they are putting a lot of product in their hair – and that isn’t healthy.

The fact is is that styling products have a lot of chemicals in them, so frequently applying these chemicals on your hair can be disastrous. Moreover, some teens are going beyond gels and sprays and turning to bleach and colour, which can also lead to dramatic hair loss. If you are worried, check with your local hair salon to offer recommendations of the best styling products for your hair.

5. Poor Nutrition

Let’s be honest: Teenagers do not maintain the greatest of diets. Their nutrition is horrendous, leaning on energy drinks, potato chips, and McDonald’s for their daily food needs. It just isn’t good for your health.

But do you know what else it isn’t good for? Your hair.

Poor nutrition is one of the leading causes of hair loss in teenagers because you are not absorbing an appropriate amount of vitamins and nutrients to sustain good health and hair. And, sorry to say, you will not be able to utilize medications, herbal treatments, and other products to reverse the trend.

6. Fungal Infection

Are you one of the few teens who are physically active? This is a great thing, but it can cause a fungal infection, known as Tinea Capitis. It is an infection found in the scalp and is mostly discovered in teenagers who are into sports or other physical activities that cause prolonged sweating.

A simple way to prevent this from occurring is to be hygienic and take shows immediately after the activity.

7. Chemical Exposure

One of the most effective measures to try to limit hair loss is to reduce your chemical exposure. Yes, many of the hair products on the market have been tested and approved for consumption, but that still does not prevent the issue of accrued chemical absorption.

Sure, you want to look your best, but you are a naturally beautiful person!

8. Irregular Washing Routine

Are you like most people and only shower once in the morning or evening and never anytime afterward? Well, this is a standard routine, but if there is an occasion where you must take a shower – physical exertion, too much sweat during the summer months, or you have been exposed to a lot of direct – then hop in the shower and cleanse your body of the bacteria.

9. Heat Damage

Another easy trick to take advantage of when reversing hair loss? Protect your hair from the heat. There might be an occasion where you will need to use a blow-dryer, especially if you’re at the barber. But, for the most part, when you can avoid then do it. Let your hair air dry, experiment with hairstyles that suit your natural hair texture, and try to stay away from too much sun.

For many people, our hair defines our physical appearance, even more so than the clothes on our back and the shoes on our feet. Indeed, maintaining our hair is one of the more common expenses in our budget, from haircuts to shampoos. Unfortunately for a lot of teen boys, who exploring their identity and figuring out what works for them, they will turn to style products, which will affect their hair in the long run.

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