9 Best Neighborhoods In Toronto for Young Professionals

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Toronto is one of the most amazing cities in Canada. With its vibrant downtown life and incredible tourist attractions, it’s not a destination to miss if you’re travelling through Canada or hoping to hit some of the greatest cities around the globe. However, as with all awesome cities, Toronto does have some less than friendly neighborhoods and areas dotted throughout the fun. You definitely don’t want to spend much – if any – time hanging around the more dangerous neighborhoods.

Below is a list with the nine best neighborhoods in Toronto for young professionals:

1. The Junction Neighborhood

If you’re looking for the best neighborhood in Toronto for upscale young professionals, one that marries great aesthetics with a safe, comfortable locale, look no further than the Junction. This Toronto neighborhood boasts an excellent collection of transportation options, making it easy to reach all your favorite parts of the city in very little time. All that transportation also makes it easy to get into the Junction for a quick visit if you’re simply a curious tourist or onlooker.

2. Kensington Market Neighborhood

Kensington Market is the neighborhood for the dreamers, the artists, the adventurers, the slightly quirky hipsters who are looking for a unique vibe to revel in. This highly unique, trendy neighborhood is located conveniently close to Toronto’s Chinatown, offering plenty of shopping opportunities and cultural diversity. If you’re looking for a fun, quirky place to live, work, and play, Kensington Market may be just the Toronto neighborhood for you.

3. Queen West Neighborhood

One of the best things about Toronto is its near endless supply of cool – and Queen West is a shining example of the kind of trendsetting awesomeness that Toronto is so well known for. Whether you’re in Toronto to socialize, sightsee, or just spend some time absorbing all the frenetic energy, Queen West is the best neighborhood in Toronto for young city dwellers.

4. Entertainment District Neighborhood

Is going to the theatre and seeing a play or a musical your idea of a great night on the town? If so, look no further than Toronto’s amazing Entertainment District. As well as being the place to see the latest, best plays and musicals,this is one of the best neighborhoods in Toronto for tourists.

There is plenty of old architecture (theatres and so on) for you to take photos of as you explore this neighborhood. In addition, there are some great eateries to check out as well as a thriving sports scene. All in all, the Entertainment District is a needed stop on your tour of Toronto.

5. Cabbagetown Neighborhood

If you’re looking for a relaxed (yet energized) vibe in Toronto, Cabbagetown should be your next destination. This fun, trendy spot is filled with everything from festivals to a great farmers market to great, friendly people. Don’t pass up Cabbagetown on your next (or first) visit to Toronto!

6. East Chinatown Neighborhood

Not all neighborhoods in Toronto have that ‘wild nightlife’ thing going on, but that doesn’t mean you should pass them up. East Chinatown is one such neighborhood – it’s perhaps a little calmer than certain other areas in Toronto, but it’s still well worth looking into.

There are great shops for you to peruse and this area is also a little calmer than Toronton’s main Chinatown. Definitely check out East Chinatown…but if you’re craving a little more excitement, rest assured that the more exciting parts of Toronto aren’t too far away! (Another great thing about East Chinatown.)

7. Roncesvalles Neighborhood

Roncesvalles is a small, endlessly charming neighborhood in Toronto. It’s a great place to raise a family, settle down for your retirement, or any number of other living situations. Roncesvalles Avenue is a beautiful spot, filled with gorgeous sights and lots of small storefronts, bookstores, cafes, and so much more. You can’t go wrong stopping by Roncesvalles for a day – or a lifetime.

8. The Beaches Neighborhood

Yes, even though Toronto is a bustling metropolis, there are still beaches and peace and quiet and calm to be had by anyone who wants them. The Beaches is a wonderful Toronto real estate area secluded from the craziness of city life while still remaining accessible and interesting. (We’re not down on crazy city life – in fact, we love it! But we also know that some of you prefer a more tranquil setting.) There are plenty of shops and cool spots to enjoy at the Beaches – not to mention the waterside setting itself! If you enjoy water, you’ll certainly want to spend some time at the Beaches.

9. Yonge and Eglinton Neighborhood

This neighborhood is one of the most popular in all of Toronto – and for good reason. It boasts a bustling downtown vibe, along with all the amenities you’ll ever need. There are plenty of housing options that won’t break the bank and you’ll have your fingertips on the very pulse of the city at all times. If you’re looking to experience Toronto at its best, Yonge and Eglinton might be the only neighborhood you’ll ever need.

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