8 Best Apartment Pets for Small Apartments

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How much love, time, and patience do you have to offer? If the answer is a lot, then perhaps it is time that you welcome home a pet to your apartment. Don’t worry about the space!

There is no question that pets provide great companionship and their love is unconditional. For people who live in apartments, there are many small apartment pets that are low maintenance and thrive in such a setting. On the other hand, there are just as many big apartment pets – some low or high maintenance – that can still be a great companion in a small place.

If you live in a condo or an apartment and are looking for a pet, then here are eight great apartment pets that will make your life joyous, will not be difficult to manage or maintain, or cost you plenty of dough in the end:

1. Dogs

Dogs are one of the best apartment pets out there. However, there are many different types of dogs, many of which can thrive in apartments. Some examples include the poodle, Chihuahua, bichon frise, miniature dachshund, pug, French bulldog among others. However, potential dog owners should know that even apartment dogs need physical and mental stimulation. Hence, several walks around the block every day can help burn off the energy. It is also a good idea to encourage your dog to socialize and play with other dogs. This keeps them happy and it also prevents weight gain.

2. Cats

Cats also make great apartment pets because of their size and low maintenance. The other advantage of having a cat is that they do not need to go outdoors to be happy. However, cats also need some type of physical and mental stimulation to keep them active and playful. While most cats like to be alone, many do love human company. Cat breeds that thrive indoors consist of the ragdoll, Maine coon, and the American Shorthair.

3. Fishes

Fish make great pets anywhere, but if you can’t have a dog or a cat, then a fish works out well for an apartment. However, before you go ahead and buy a huge aquarium, make sure you know the maintenance differences between freshwater (Angelfish, goldfish) and saltwater fish (hawkfish, clownfish).

Fish are high maintenance; you have to constantly check the pH balance, levels of nitrate and water hardness. Also, different fish require different environments. For example, beta fish like to be alone so you may need different fish tanks/fish bowls for each beta fish. On the other hand, goldfish can all be in one tank.

4. Birds

Birds suit the environment of an apartment because they require little space. But birds can be noisy, and most require regular maintenance, especially cleaning the cage. If you decide to keep a bird, you need to remember that birds in pairs tend to live a lot longer than a single bird. Some birds that make great apartment pets include the cockatiel, parrot, and the canary.

5. Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are small and quickly adjust to apartment life. Guinea pigs are also relatively clean and not fussy eaters which is a big advantage for most pet-owners. They tend to be nocturnal and love to play so they will require some attention on your part. It is recommended that guinea pigs be raised in pairs as this allows them to thrive.

6. Rats

Don’t be scared.

Rats can make great apartment pets. They tend to be relatively clean, quiet, low maintenance and rarely make any noise or a mess. Rats can be very affectionate if raised early. Rats are not commonly seen as “pet material,” but those who keep them as pets realize how easy they are to manage.

7. Snakes

Believe it or not, a snake can be a great addition to your apartment life.

That said, it is important to remember to get one that will not grow large. Snakes are quiet pets and love the sunshine. But you always have to make sure that the lid on the closure is tight, as snakes can escape. The one downside to snakes is that they all have their own peculiar feeding habits. Some apartment snakes include the boa, python or the corn snake. While snakes are fascinating, it is always a good idea to make sure you have adequate safety measures in place when keeping a snake.

8. Rabbits

If you know you’ll be living in an apartment for a long time, then a rabbit is a suitable partner. What people may not know is that rabbits are quite intelligent and can be trained to use a litter box as well as obey orders. However, rabbits are high maintenance as their enclosure does require a lot of care. If you don’t clean it regularly, your apartment will start to smell fairly quickly.

It is important to pick a pet that will accommodate your lifestyle and space. It is not fair to leave the pet in a cage 24 hours a day, seven days a week and never play with it. Animals, like humans, love their freedom and need good company to thrive.

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