7 Ways to Pick the Best Furniture for Studio Apartments

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Living in a studio apartment has many advantages. Of course, it allows you to save a lot of money, but it can also prevent you from accumulating a lot of things you don’t need, since you won’t have enough space to keep useless junk.

A smaller living space will be easier to keep clean, and it will encourage you to spend more time outside. Plus, having less space means you can be more selective when it comes to choosing the best furniture for studio apartments.

Even if you plan on spending a lot of time exploring your city, you need to know how to select the best furniture for studio apartments so your home can be cozy and stylish.

1. Figure out your apartment layout

Before you go shopping for the best furniture for studio apartments, you need to take a moment to think about the apartment layout. Your living space is limited, and making the most of every square foot will be a challenge. But it can be done.

Many people who live in small studio apartments choose to combine their bedroom with their living room, but you can choose a different approach. Draw a floor plan of your studio, and think of the perfect layout. When you have a better idea of what you want, it will be time to start looking for furniture.

2. Choose furniture that divides the space into different rooms

Just because there are no walls to separate the different corners of your studio apartment doesn’t mean you can’t divide the space yourself. It’s easy to create a few small rooms inside a studio apartment.

Bookshelves, shelves and folding screens are good examples of furniture that can help you divide your space. Area rugs and curtains can also help you define where your bedroom, your living room, and your kitchen are. The best furniture for studio apartments is about dividing the space in a way that works well for you.

3. Make one or two focal points

Furniture is convenient, but it can also help you decorate your living space. Choosing one or two focal points will serve as the basis for your apartment decor. For example, if you have a beautiful bookshelf, you could position it in the middle of your space, to serve as a wall between your living room and your kitchen.

You could also buy a sofa in a vibrant colour, and then find a few decorative accessories that will go well with it. If all your furniture is mismatched, however, your decor could seem overwhelming in such a limited setting.

4. Focus on buying quality furniture

People who live in a house or in a large apartment will need to furnish it with a lot of furniture. When you choose to move into a small studio apartment, however, you don’t need that many pieces of furniture.

This means that you should be focusing on quality instead of quantity. Instead of looking for a bargain on a lot of furniture, buy just a few quality pieces that will look great and be more durable. You are already saving money by living in a small apartment, so at least, allow yourself to not have to deal with ugly and cheap furniture.

5. Consider pre-rented furniture

Quality furniture can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to break your budget. If you usually get tired of your home decor after just a few months, maybe you should opt for rental furniture, and change it whenever you want.

If you want to purchase furniture, you could choose pre-rented furniture that is only gently used, and will only cost you a fraction of what it’s truly worth. This is a great option if you want quality, but are on a tight budget.

6. Choose multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture will help you make the most of the space you have. For example, a futon can be as comfortable as a couch, but it can also serve as a guest bed. A bench can serve as an extra seat in your kitchen, but it can also be used as a coffee table.

The same bench can be used to separate your bedroom from your living room, serving as a space divider and as a decorative item. The possibilities are endless.

7. Add smart storage solutions

Every home needs storage space, but a small studio apartment needs some clever storage solutions. Fortunately, some furniture has been designed to help us add some storage to our small homes.

A storage ottoman, for example, can serve as a seat or as a coffee table, and you can put many items inside it. You can also simply buy a coffee table with some storage drawers, or you can use a chest as a coffee table. You can stack baskets that will serve as a nightstand with a lot of storage space, and you can add shelves to some of your walls. Just because your space is limited doesn’t mean your storage options should be limited as well.

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