7 Most Important Real Estate Agent Skills

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Every real estate agent is looking for one thing: to close a sale. However, getting to this place is often a journey of wits that only those with the relevant skills complete. Buyers are highly discerning and can smell a quack real estate agent from miles away.

So, what primary skills do you need as a real estate agent to get a potential client to say ‘yes’? Here are the seven most important real estate agent skills to have:

1. Marketing Skills

A real estate agent is basically a marketer. Your job is to convince a potential client that a particular property meets all their requirements. When someone is looking to purchase a property, they are making a critical investment decision that could drastically change their lives.

The amounts involved are also not small change. As a real estate agent, you need to understand the emotional investment a potential client is bringing on the table. To get them to move from, ‘maybe’ to ‘yes,’ you need cutting edge marketing skills that prioritize a buyer’s interest over your desire for a quick buck.

2. Communication Skills

Among the essential real estate agent skills, communication ranks pretty high on the list. In most cases, the difference between a successful and a struggling real estate agent lies in how they communicate with clients. Real estate is not for you if you have problems connecting with people. However, communication skills can be learnt, and you can be an effective communicator if you apply yourself to learning. Communicating clearly and persuasively will get you past many objections and closer to closing a deal.

3. Detailed Local Knowledge

If you don’t have a thorough knowledge of the area where the property you are marketing is located, chances are you will not be effective in convincing anyone to buy it. What are the most critical installations in the area that would appeal to a potential buyer?

Are schools, hospitals, entertainment spots, etc. within easy reach of the property you are pitching? Get to understand the neighbourhood and the communities in the area. What are the regulations and rules, and restrictions of the area? You also need to find out comparative prices of similar properties nearby

4. Integrity

Clients are very discerning. They will quickly notice if something appears ‘off’ with you. On the other hand, integrity always stands out. If you come off as dishonest, no potential client would want to deal with you. To be that one agent who can be relied on and trusted, your actions must always accompany your word.

Let your word be your bond. Most people will run from an agent with a dubious reputation or a track record of dishonesty and lack of integrity. Always seek to prioritize the interests of the client ahead of yours. If you appear overly keen to close a deal without addressing the concerns of a client, you may end up losing it altogether. An untainted reputation of above-board dealings will win you a ton of clients.

5. Strict Ethics

Your ability to stay on a task, as long as it takes, is a great skill most real estate agents do not have. A hard-working real estate agent will always stand out from a crowded field of contenders. Understand that buying and selling a property is not a one-day task. Sometimes you might get lucky and close a deal within record time. This is, however, the exception rather than the rule. It takes time to close a deal since all parties must agree to the terms of the contract before signing it.

6. Negotiation Skills

Your ability to negotiate is one of the most important real estate agent skills. Your goal should be to guide your client towards the best possible deal. Your other purpose is to educate them so they can understand the value and appropriateness of each deal presented to them.

Review a potential property with the client and help them understand the pros and cons of each, and then guide them to a property that closely meets their requirements. Guide your client towards the best-case scenario; but also discuss with them the irreducible minimum they may be willing to consent to.

7. Technological Skills

The real estate landscape is rapidly changing. Technology has changed the way people search for properties. The market has responded by coming up with technologies that make it easy for potential property buyers to engage with real estate products. To be effective, you must be conversant with the current real estate CRM applications and platforms. People no longer only rely on print newspaper and magazine ads when searching for properties.

Instead, about 88% of them start the search for their ideal property online. As a real estate agent, you need to be constantly on the cutting edge of technology. Rather than shun new technologies that are defining the real estate sector, embrace and use them to engage with more clients.

As an agent, you can be highly successful in selling real estate if you acquire the above seven skills. There are many more, but if you just master these seven, you will be soon closing deals effortlessly.

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