6 Ways on How to Scare Off Raccoons From Your Garden

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Raising and caring for a garden is a lot of work. You may grow tired of this chore, but want to ensure you have plenty of fresh food to eat. Fortunately, you can enjoy many of the freshest fruits and vegetables there may be when taking time to plant these.

If you go to the trouble of having a garden, you’ll have to put in a lot of energy and effort. This means ensuring that your plants and vegetables remain safe and sound. There may be many types of wildlife in your garden, and you’ll want to control these pests and keep them away from this area.

Since it can require a lot of effort when growing a garden, you should want to keep the raccoons at bay. The best pest control method for doing this is knowing what to do and then having a plan of action in place. You should be able to stress less about raccoons and enjoy the fruits of your garden labour more! Below are six effective ways to scare off raccoons away from your garden:

1. Keep it clean

You may experience having many more raccoons if you don’t keep your property clean. You’ll want to keep the bushes trimmed and any garbage out of your yard.

It’s important to always take the trash to the dump when necessary. If you have waste that’s overflowing, this could cause more raccoons to gather on your property, and you’ll want to remove it.

2. Consider your dumpster

One of the biggest things that will attract raccoons is likely to be your trash. It may be necessary to get creative in ensuring your garbage isn’t a haven for this type of wildlife.

Some things you can do include putting a cover on your trash can. This can be an effective way for reducing the number of issues you have with this type of animal.

Other ways to ensure you have fewer problems rather than more is using scented garbage bags that may reduce the smell. If raccoons smell garbage that is foul and smelly, this could mean more problems for your garden.

3. Use scare tactics

Scaring off raccoons from your garden may require a variety of creative ideas. One of these includes scaring this type of animal away from your property.

You can do this by putting motion sensors in this area or even strobe lights that go off all the time. You may want to go as far as installing an alarm that makes a loud noise when a creature enters this area.

Raccoons can be easily scared, and this could be the ideal way to allow your garden to be a safer place.

4. Install a fence

Ensuring you have your garden fully protected can help keep these critters at bay. You can do this putting up a fence that will allow your garden to be a much more secure place.

You’ll want to use a fencing material that doesn’t have cracks or holes in it for the best results. This is something you may want to discuss with your fence contractor.

Another method to ensure this pest stays out of your garden if you do use certain fencing materials is by putting up an electric fence. This will shock the raccoon each time it tries to enter this space.

Don’t forget to get an estimate before you make any contractual agreements with this service provider. Doing this is the key to not regretting a decision you made for a fence later down the road.

5. Choose a repellant

If you want to get down and dirty with a raccoon that keeps causing you problems, you may want to use a repellant to do so. This will contain chemicals but could be the ideal way to help you avoid dealing with raccoons for a long time to come.

Keep in mind that raccoons are very persistent, and you may find that repellants are not enough to prevent this wildlife animal from entering your garden. However, it’s certainly worth a try to do so, and you may be glad you made an effort if it works.

6. Remove food

You’ll want to be sure there isn’t any food sitting outside your home. If so, this will certainly attract racoons, and this is something you’re trying to avoid at all costs.

It can be easy to throw out food scraps to your pet and forget all about this. However, doing so can attract racoons, and this is something you’ll undoubtedly wish not to do.

If you have cats outside and leave dry cat food outside of your home, this may attract raccoons. Take the time to ensure you don’t have any food at all outside to reduce the chances of more raccoons.

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