6 Reasons Why I Love Birkenstocks Shoes

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When sandal season approaches, chances are you will see many people wearing Birkenstocks, in a variety of ways. People seem to have a love-hate relationship with the brand and controversy will forever exist about whether their chunky sandals can be worn with socks, or not.

The German company has been making footwear since the 1700’s and the sandal, as we know it, was developed in the 1964. The company began shipping to North America, a few years later, just in time to become popular with the hippie generation.

Birkenstocks have a reputation for being one of the most comfortable shoes ever made. The are infinitely more comfortable than flip-flops and with orthopedically correct support, so much better for your feet, legs, back and posture. Birks are an excellent choice if you plan to be walking or standing for long periods of time and many swear they help alleviate leg and back pain.

1. Arch Support

Each shoe has a deep foot bed and deliberately raised arch support to provide stability and relieve pressure. The raised toe bar exercises the muscles in the foot and leg, which stimulates circulation and helps to maintain balance and posture.

2. Style

People often argue about whether or not Birkenstocks are stylish. Typically known for comfort over fashion, the plain, chunky sandals used to be popular in certain circles only. Now, Birks come with many different strap styles, materials, colours and patterns, appropriate for men, women and children. It seems whenever they begin to wane in popularity, a new celebrity will wear them in public and they quickly become hip again.

3. Comfort

Birkenstock soles are made from a light-weight, cork and latex blend, with a soft, suede topper, that gradually forms to the shape of your foot and absorbs shock as you walk. The uppers consist of quality leather or textiles and premium buckles and the company avoids harsh and irritating chemicals in production.

When you first on a pair of Birkenstocks, they might feel a bit awkward. The company suggests that you break them in by wearing them for a short time each day, at first. The consensus among Birk lovers is the more you wear them, the more comfortable they get.

4. Durability

Birkenstocks are made from high-quality materials that are designed to last. Each part of the shoe can be repaired so it’s not unusual for people to keep the same pair for decades. Birkenstocks may cost you more than knock-off brands, but they are definitely worth the investment

5. Versatility

Once known only for their signature bulky sandals, Birkenstock has now moved into closed-toed shoes and boots. Styles now include sneakers, boots and even high heels. They even have a fully vegan line, made from plant-based and synthetic materials, that includes several popular styles.

6. Brand Familiarity

Birkenstock has become a household name. With immediately recognized styles and trusted for their quality and comfort, this brand isn’t going anywhere. Although they have gone in and out of fashion over the years, they have always had a cult following and a strong base of incredibly loyal fans.

Die-hard Birkenstock enthusiasts will wear their sandals all-year long, with socks or without (yes, even barefoot, in the snow). Whether you wear your Birks solely in the summer or sport them faithfully, all year long, you are bound to find a model that suits your clothing and your style.

While the company has expanded their offerings beyond the original sandal, they have maintained the quality and craftmanship of their original design, more than 200 years ago.

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