6 Best Experiences of My Thailand Vacation

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“Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” Such powerful words when they are applied to a place like Thailand. It is a country where your eyes will be stuffed with wonder. Going on the Thailand tours will be a fantastic experience. It will be an experience dreamier than what your mind can conjure up in its imagination.

1. Cuisine

A country’s image of itself is revealed in its cuisine. A lot of the ingredients will depend on what types of animals and plants are available economically and geographically. Some ingredients, like spices, will enhance the dining experience; some spices will increase the heat. It does not take a lot of effort to purchase a unique dining experience in Thailand. All a tourist can do is to purchase food from a restaurant or outdoor stalls. And these restaurants or outdoor stalls do not have to make Thai cuisine; there are a lot of restaurants and outdoor stalls can be very international.

2. Culture and History

Thailand has so many beautiful temples, temple icons, museums and architecture. Most of the art pieces have been greatly influenced by the large population of Buddhist believers. It has also been influenced by Indian epic stories. This is not surprising, when Thailand’s fascinating history is considered.

3. Nature

Although Thailand has a monsoon season, most of the time the weather is warm and welcoming, Winter in Thailand is a lot warmer than winter in North America. Thailand’s forests and jungles are very lush and filled with diversity of living creatures. A lot of these areas are protected in conservation areas. Thailand’s oceans are magical and beckon tourists to see for themselves the ocean wildlife by scuba diving and snorkeling. Thailand’s mountains are breathtaking, when tourists can see species like the red rhododendron sprinkled all over the landscape. It is no wonder that there are national parks to protect such jewels for the eyes. And Thailand’s beaches and gardens leave tourists wanting more.

4. Loveable Locals

There are some countries that are known for all their great beauty, culture, and cuisine. These countries may also be known to have citizens who are rude, insolent and challenging. This cannot be said about Thailand citizens. Thailand’s citizens tend to be engaging, supportive, and happy. Thailand is known to be the country of smiles for a reason. It is in their nature to be friendly to tourists. They understand that tourists want to create amazing memories to recall when the tourists are back home. By going to Thailand, amazing memories will be etched in the mind of every tourist.

5. Proximity

Thailand is so close to so many other destinations. It is close to Australia, New Zealand and Europe. It is close to Hong Kong, Singapore and Bali. So many potential places to continue exploring. Not only that, but because it is so close to these potential international destinations, their citizens travel to Thailand. They also want to explore Thailand, and what a great opportunity to learn about other countries than to have chance meetings with other tourists, who can share their experiences and information to you.

6. Economical Value

Unlike a lot of tourist destinations, Thailand is economical for most North Americans. Refreshments can be purchased for very little money. Living spaces can be used for very little money. This is especially true when these resources are compared to the prices that most North Americans must pay in their home towns.

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