5 Best Qualities I Love About My Single Speed Bike

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Single speed bicycles, otherwise known as fixies, are superb methods of transportation for those who want to ditch the car and avoid public transit – and perhaps those who want to lose some weight, too.

These are affordable, easy to use, and simple to own. With just the basics – filling up the tires and cleaning the bike – you can be content with riding your bicycle, whether you’re going to the corner store or going from end of the city to the other.

In the immortal words of legendary philosopher Al Bundy: let’s ride.

Here are five things you need to know about single speed bicycles:

1. These Bicycles Require Less Maintenance

One of the key benefits of owning and operating a single speed bicycle is that it requires very little maintenance. Unlike most makes and models of other bicycles, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars of maintenance on these types of bikes.

Simply put: once it comes out of the box, it is ready to ride and you can enjoy the open road.

2. Want to Save Some Money? You Will

Many people want to find alternatives to get from point A to point B. They will select public transit, but it is an unreliable system. They want to ride an automobile, but it’s too expensive and stressful. The only other option is a bicycle.

You should be aware of one thing: single speed bicycles are inexpensive.

Rather than spend hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands and thousands of dollars, you can put down some money and purchase yourself a single speed bicycle. And it will definitely get you to your destination and back, whether it is work, home, school, or the grocery store.

3. Extra Parts Are Not Required

Unlike other categories of bicycles, which require additional parts, you can take comfort in the fact that single speed bicycles do not require extra parts. Because it is a fixed bike already, you don’t need to lay down more money and buy all of these different kinds of parts.

Indeed, a single speed bicycle can be really great on your wallet, especially if you just want the basics.

4. Single Speed Bicycles Are Better for the City

Getting around the typical North American city can cause immense rage, produce migraines, and lead anyone to just ditch the car or public transit. This is why bicycles are so popular these days.

That said, not all bicycles are equipped to handle the big city. Just like all bicycles are not build to take on the rural road.

A single speed bicycle is perfect for the city slickers. These bikes can endure anything Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax will throw at you.

5. Yes, You Can Ride up the Hills

A common concern for those who are interested in acquiring a bicycle, particularly the adventure seekers and globetrotters, is riding up hills. Again, not all bikes are constructed to do certain things, including riding up the hill.

But does a single speed bicycle?

Industry experts typically recommend people to buy a single speed bicycle if they are heading up hill. Of course, if this is part of your routine then it is better to purchase a mountain bike. That said, if this is an occasional thrill, then there shouldn’t be any reason not to buy a single speed bike.

Whatever you do, just be careful!

Single speed bicycles, also known as fixies, are excellent modes of transportation for both those who want to a basic means of getting from location to location and those who want to go up hill, down hill, and anything in between.

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