4 Useful Features of My Website Visitor Tracking Software

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It is not enough to design a marketing website and leave it in hopes of visitors accessing it and making purchases. You need to be able to measure your website’s performance and see what is working and should be let alone and what is not working and needs to be altered.

Luckily, visitor tracking software allows a website owner to do just this, offering the ability to see where visitors are coming from and what parts of your pages they are accessing. There are many benefits to using this software and ways that it will definitely benefit your business.

1. Optimization

In order to make sales from your website you need to ensure that your pages are optimized to maximize their usability. Visitor tracking applications can show you how many visits your website gets per month and how long they are staying on each page. If visitors are accessing your pages and staying for extended periods this demonstrates that there are no issues and they can be left alone.

If a visitor views a page and leaves within seconds, this could be indicative of an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. A website that is not optimized could be the difference between making sales and people looking elsewhere to make their purchases. Visitor tracking allows you an opportunity to make sure all is well with your site simply by analyzing visitor numbers.

2. Judge effectiveness

With a marketing website obviously the main objective is to post quality content that will drive sales. Visitor tracking is a beneficial tool because it gives an overall snapshot regarding whether your marketing campaign is working. If you access the application and see that the number of visitors that you have monthly is constant, this may be an indication that your content is not effective and you need to make some changes.

If you notice that the number is increasing this means that your efforts are paying off and you should keep following your game plan. Visitor tracking also allow you to compare aspects of your website as well to make important decisions that could increase sales.

For instance, if one page is not being visited nearly as much as another, you may want to look at allocating more resources to the page that is getting views or alter the page that is not doing well to resemble the one that is getting more attention.

3. Referrals

When accessing visitor tracking software, referrals means the method that someone used to access your website. This could mean search engines, blogs where people are posting links to your website, or posts on social media by you or other people. By analyzing this information, you can determine where most referrals are coming from and this information will tell you where you should be putting in your efforts.

If there a lot of visitors accessing your website from a blog or forum, it may be beneficial for you to access that site and reach out to people to establish some relationships.

4. Bounce rate

Bounce rates refer to the number of instances where visitors access your site but immediately leave, indicating that they quickly determined that your website does not have what they are looking for. This happens to all websites, but the key is to discover why people are bouncing so quickly from your website if this is indeed the case.

A high bounce rate for a specific page could indicate a broken link or slow load times, two issues you definitely want to address. Analyzing visitor tracking information will give you an opportunity to receive accurate statistics and be able to fix the issue accordingly.

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