4 Things You Can Do to Keep Pests Out of Your Home

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No one wants to find out that ants, roaches, or mice have invaded their home. Instead of waiting for evidence that these pests or others have taken up residence with you and your family, here are four tips that may help to keep the unwanted creatures away.

1. Inspect Your Home

Take a walk around the perimeter of your property and look for signs of rodents, such as burrows in ground that is located near gardens, trash bins, or a water supply. Check trees and shrubs for flying insect nests, as they can often find ways into a structure. Then examine the outside of your home, especially the foundation or under the eaves of the roof, to spot small openings where pests can get in. Seal up any that you find or hire a pest control expert to make a detailed inspection and close openings where insects or rodents can get inside.

2. Look for Evidence

Indoors, check cupboard drawers and countertops for insects or their eggs. Look around the basement plumbing or under bathroom sinks and shower drains for signs of water bugs or other insects that are attracted to water sources. Inspect areas beneath the kitchen sink or around the dishwasher as well as the laundry room. Ants can be found anywhere, but they often congregate in the kitchen due to the draw of food products, so keep everything tightly closed or sealed and put away. Mouse droppings can be found along the walls and in lower-level cupboards as well as countertops.

3. Catch Problems Early

If you find evidence of a pest without actually seeing the creature, take action. Put out specific traps to catch the invisible invaders before they overrun your home. Find out where various species typically nest, and clear out those areas completely. Keep your home tidy and clean to discourage pests from settling in.

4. Get Professional Help

When it seems likely that rodents, insects, or even bats have gotten into your house, but you’re not exactly sure which type of creature it is or how to find it and eliminate it, contact pest control experts. With skilled training and experience, they know what to look for, and where, to determine whether your home has been invaded. Using safe products, they can quickly remove pests or prevent them from coming into your home.

Ignoring the possibility of unwanted creatures entering your home can lead to a serious infiltration that can be more difficult and expensive to treat. Take action now to prevent a problem or to quickly get it under control. If you are interested in learning more, visit Quality Affordable Pest Control.

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