4 Sturdy Materials I Use to Build My Deck

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If you have or would like to have a beautiful deck attached to your home, then you may have wood quality on your mind. You want your deck to be the best of the best, and you want it to be sturdy enough to stand the test of time, but you would also like it to be beautiful and something to be proud of. What are you options regarding deck materials, though? This guide will walk through five distinct deck styles and materials that may just include exactly what you’re looking for.

1. Softwood and Cedar

This visually pleasing style offers a lot of things that many people could find desirable. Softwood and Cedar materials offer a more hands off approach to deck maintenance, as the material is rot resistant and simply doesn’t require much attention. When coupled with maintenance free railings and skirting materials, these materials are perfect for those busy folks who enjoy coming home to chill out on their new deck.

2. Hardwood

Hardwood materials are among the best decking options available due to their mixture of qualities including longevity, appearance, and quality. This means that a deck made from this material will last for quite a time, while requiring only a bit of upkeep. Hardwood decks are typically oiled at least once a year in order to negate any adverse weather effects that it is exposed to year round, as well as preserving the rich colour of the deck. The Hardwood options available to you may include woods such as Ipe, Batu, Cumaru, and Tiger Wood.

3. Capstock Composite

These man made materials are quite popular for a variety of reasons. They are decently easy to care for, and the fact that they are manufactured gives you quite a few different options regarding the colour of the material and certain patterns that it may contain. Due to the diversity of colours and patterns, it is important that you take time to really think about all of your options and possibilities beforehand.

4. Plastic Decking

Plastic decking, or PVC, is a wonderful option regarding deck materials. Requiring very little maintenance, all that you really have to do in order to make these decks look amazing is wash with soap and water. Plus, the durability of these deck styles is unrivaled, as they are both study and easy to replace due to the comfortably cheap price of the material. While some people may shy away from the material due to the “cheap” nature, you can rest assured that while these materials are not expensive at all, they are still highly durable and will weather most anything that nature can toss at it.

Many variables go into choosing a decking material. From your budget, to your needs, and especially the kind of terrain or environment you live in. No matter what material you specifically need, you can be sure that there are plenty of options and prices that will find you exactly the type of materials you require.

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