4 Reasons Why I Think The Print Industry Will Survive

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Many people cry the blues over the print industry being a dying breed and that it will inevitably be stomped out by the digital new kid on the block. However, the truth is that there are certain aspects of the print industry (like trade magazines and legacy newsroom publications) that are still thriving and strong. Any other part of the print industry isn’t exactly dying a slow death either, it’s just changing. For example, many companies are switching print advertising to the online realm with varying results.

This news may seem to counter-intuitive to what publishing industry watchers are telling the public and that print products have no future in an efficient and green future, but responsible and recyclable printing practices keep the industry alive. Here are a few other reasons why the print industry will be alive and well for a while more:

1. Digital may be the future, but so is digital printing

Printing has undergone many innovations that make the process a lot faster and cheaper. Digital printing, for example, provides a very low-cost method of carrying out low-quantity printing jobs. This method of printing has been around since the 1990’s and has been normalized in office spaces and conveniently from the comfort of our own homes.

Some of the benefits that printing with digital means is the flexibility and time effectiveness of the method (allowing companies to churn out their publications quickly and with fewer steps so that the most updated documents can be printed with little alterations necessary to change the look of the product) and cost-effectiveness (paying the price for printing plates isn’t necessary).

It is also a simple process that any working person can take on, unlike the intricacies of web design that may have your company hiring web experts to actually lay out the advertising and content. In order to print, all you need is a business printer, after which your operations are officially up and running.

2. Print has the benefit of being tangible

When you get a product, there’s a significant level of satisfaction with holding it in your hands. This has been one of the main appeals related to the print industry for a while and it’s very well the reason many people won’t let go of their newspapers in favour of digital variants. There’s definitely more of a connection that customers and clients have with solid products.

3. Direct-mail marketing has more of an edge than e-mail marketing

When companies put their advertisements, promotions and offers in e-mail, it more often than not ends up in the spam folder. Many online ads are often overlooked or are completely filtered out using an ad-blocker. Using physical, direct-mail ads and catalogs will more likely get you the circulation and readership your company is looking for. This is another benefit the print industry has over digital publishing.

4. Printed advertising is seamlessly integrated into printed content

Most printed magazines in circulation right now have sponsored content that blend in with the rest of the content, making it less of an eyesore to engage with. When readers consume online content, not only are they annoyed by jarring online ads, but they actively try to avoid them, using ad-blockers or scrolling past them (no matter how animated they may be), not taking a single ad in. Online advertisements are seen merely as a nuisance whereas advertisements with print products (or advertisements in the form of print products) are consumed more as an art form. This is why most companies are still using print advertising and promotions.

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