4 Features I Always Want in My Short-Term Rental

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Whether you need to travel for a business trip or with family for a vacation or due to an emergency at your home, a short term rental is a great option. Instead of being holed up in a one-room hotel unit, renting an apartment on a short-term basis will allow you to spread out and enjoy some extra amenities that will make the stay away from home significantly more tolerable.

Although your stay will be short, you still want to confirm that the location you choose has everything you need and below are 5 things to look for when exploring your options.

1. Appropriate layout

When considering a short-term rental, you want to make sure the layout is appropriate. If you are on a business trip, chances are you may be sharing accommodations with one or a few co-workers. For this reason, you need to confirm that each person has their own bedroom for privacy and a living or dining room can be used as a common area to unwind or have informal work meetings.

If you are travelling with your family, once again everyone needs their own sleeping quarters so noise will not be an issue. Also, different bedtimes for children can be accommodated. If anyone who will be staying in the unit has physical disabilities obviously a setup that does not have stairs or other barriers should be considered.

2. Close to amenities

When in a new municipality, you want to make sure you get familiar with the area. Make sure that the area you are staying in is safe and has a low crime rate to minimize the chances of you, a family member, or co-worker becoming the victim of an offence. You do not have to be close to a hospital, but be mindful of where it is and how to get there in case of an emergency.

When you are in a new area, traffic or public transportation can be confusing and you may not want to stray too far from your rental unit. Instead, choose a short-term rental near restaurants, grocery stores, cinemas, and malls. That way, you can get out and enjoy yourself when time permits without having to worry about getting back.

3. Term flexibility

Most short-term rental units are extremely flexible and cater to the population that may need to vacate the premises prematurely or with little notice. Before signing any agreement, confirm that you will be able to leave the rental unit on short notice with no penalty. If you are in the area on business, plans may change or an emergency may require you to return home.

Families on vacation may change their plans or they too may have to leave early due to an emergency situation. If a family is staying in a short-term rental due to issues with their house, they may wish to terminate the lease early if they are permitted to return home ahead of schedule.
The bottom line is, you do not know what can happen and you do not want to be held to a long-term agreement. Therefore, renting on a daily or weekly basis might be the best option.

4. Utilities

Admittedly your stay in a short-term rental is short, but you probably still want some utilities to make your stay easier and more enjoyable. Confirm that there is a fully-stocked kitchen complete with stove, refrigerator, and microwave so you can save money on meals.

Also, check to see if you will have access to laundry facilities that will allow you to pack a little lighter and be able to regularly wash the clothes of children who tend to be a little messier. In the event there are days where you do not want to go out, having a television with movies or cable access will keep people busy and help pass the time.

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