10 Personalized Christmas Gifts For That Special Someone

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Finding the perfect present isn’t always easy. With gift baskets, you can be as simple or as creative as you like, while customizing your basket to match each person’s personality. Department stores, craft supply outlets, and online retailers always have a large selection of gift baskets to choose from or can also choose a container that matches your theme.

1. Fruit

Fill an attractive fruit bowl with a colourful variety of whole fruit, like apples, oranges, grapes, kiwi and strawberries. Arrange sliced fruit on kebabs or cut the fruit into flower shapes to add a little flair. This basket is great for the person who is already talking up their healthy New Year’s resolution.

2. Wine

Items like cheese, crackers, grapes, Christmas napkins, decorative spreaders and a corkscrew will compliment a bottle of bubbly perfectly. If you are feeling particularly crafty, you could include a couple of wine classes, with a Christmas scene you’ve painted yourself. Wrap it up in a picnic basket and you’ve got a romantic gift for a special couple.

3. Guilty Pleasures

In this basket, treats like decadent dark chocolate, truffles or baked goods will please anyone on your list. If you include homemade baking mixes, you could present them in a set of multi-coloured mixing bowls.

4. Hot Beverages

For those who love sitting in front of the fire-place or curling up in a comfy chair with a good book, try a mix of coffee, flavoured hot chocolate or specialty teas. Pair with a unique teapot, cup and saucer set, coffee mug or travel thermos for a gift they can enjoy all year long.

5. Cell Phone Accessories

Everyone has that one friend who continually upgrades their phone. You know they’ll have the newest model before the end of the holidays, so they will definitely need accessories. Find out which model they are getting and look for personalized cases, screen protectors, headphones and memory cards to match. A gift card for their favourite app store would top it off nicely.

6. Books

If you know your gift recipient’s favourite genre, you could fill a magazine rack with books and journals they’ll enjoy. Add a pretty throw, for curling up with, a few bookmarks and a Chapters or Amazon gift card for the ideal book lover’s basket.

7. Music

Start with a few CDs and add a memory card, an iTunes gift card, headphones and a Bluetooth speaker for their favourite device. If they are musically inclined themselves, throw in some guitar picks, new strings or some sheet music for their favourite songs.

8. Craft Lover

Start with a sewing basket. Find a unique pin cushion and add fabric pieces, yarn, knitting needles and crochet hooks, buttons, ribbon, coloured thread, a good pair of scissors and miscellaneous craft supplies.

9. Beauty Products

Here’s another idea for people who would prefer to skip the treats. Include cosmetics, make-up remover, cotton pads, hair clips, barrettes and embroidered face clothes. Everyone can use a pretty basket to help organize their bathroom.

10. Just for Kids

Why not start with a toy truck or a doll carrier as your container? Then add a baby doll or some building blocks along with art supplies like construction paper, coloured tap, paints and modelling clay.

Now that you’ve got your idea, it’s time to make it look beautiful. Pick up basket wrap, filler, tissue paper, bows and ribbons at local craft stores or dollar stores. In the age of gift cards and cash, your friends and family will appreciate these very personal gifts, customized just for them.

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