10 Most Iconic Sports Mascots of My Childhood

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Sports mascots are appreciated by kids and adults alike, and original mascot costumes are all it takes to transform any individuals into beloved iconic figures. Here are the 10 most popular sports mascots of all time!

1. Mr. Met of the New York Mets

Mr. Mets, the mascot of the New York Mets, is now 55 years old. With his large baseball for a head, he is regarded as the first mascot in the MLB, and he is still very popular today among baseball fans.

2. San Diego Chicken of the San Diego Padres

With his fluffy yellow, orange and blue feathers, the San Diego Chicken of the San Diego Padres was the first mascot to taunt an opposing team and to be featured on a baseball card. He was created in 1974.

3. Phillie Phanatic of the Philadelphia Phillies

Phillie Phanatic, the beloved mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies, is a big feathery green blob. He was created in 1978, and he has been immortalized in the Baseball Hall of Fame, as well as in the popular show The Simpsons.

4. Go the Gorilla of the Phoenix Suns

Go the Gorilla debuted in 1980 as the first mascot in the NBA. The hairy gorilla mascot of the Phoenix Suns is known for his great dunks and other athletic feats, and he is featured in the Mascot Hall of Fame.

5. Youppi of the Montreal Expos and the Montreal Canadiens

This friendly furry orange creature first started his career as the mascot of the Montreal Expos in 1979. After the Expos dissolved, Youppi developed an interest in hockey and eventually became the mascot of the Montreal Canadiens.

6. Paws of the Detroit Tigers

Paws, the mascot of the Detroit Tigers, is a giant tiger wearing the team’s jersey and hat. He made his debut in 1995, and he has already been seen in a Santa Claus outfit and an Easter Bunny costume.

7. Raptor of the Toronto Raptors

The red mascot of the Toronto Raptors has been wearing either a regular mascot costume or an inflatable costume. Raptor is a great dancer, he is athletic, and his funny video skits are enjoyed by his fans.

8. The Orioles Bird of the Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles Bird of the Baltimore Orioles is a large black and orange bird wearing a baseball hat. He has been in service since 1979, and was inspired, just like the team’s name, by the state bird of Maryland.

9. Wild Wing of the Anaheim Ducks

Wild Wing, the mascot of the Anaheim Ducks, was inspired by Disney’s The Mighty Ducks movie and debuted in 1993. Despite his slightly menacing hockey mask, Wild Wing is a very kid-friendly mascot.

10. Rocky of the Denver Nuggets

This friendly mountain lion joined the Denver Nuggets in 1990. Rocky is a popular NBA mascot who is known for attempting a backwards half-court shot in the second half of each game to try to predict if the Nuggets will win.

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