10 Experiences I Loved About My Vacation in Thailand

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There are many good reasons to go on one of those relaxing Thailand tours, especially in the cold winter when the snow and ice is all around. Enjoy beautiful food with the most beautiful people on earth in tropical Thailand.

1. Thailand is affordable

There are hundreds of inexpensive hotels and guesthouses and the food, especially on the street is cheap and delicious. Even the speciality hotels and spas are cheaper than many other tourist destinations.

2. Thai Food

The Thai food you get at home is delicious. But in Thailand it is spectacular. There is much more variety, the ingredients are fresher and there an amazing selection of salads, noodles and snacks. You don’t need to go to fancy restaurants to get great Thai food. The street food in Thailand is probably the best in the world. You can get anything, from tom yum soups to rice with stir-fried crabmeat and fresh chillies.

3. Luxury Thai hotels

If you have the money there are some fabulous luxury hotels and spas to choose from in Thailand. They include secluded islands, superior beach house and even luxury tree houses. Thailand also has some of the best beaches and beach bars in the world. After your swim or scuba dive you can visit the local beach bar which often has a special motif to entice their visitors.

4. The many Buddhas

Seated, standing, lying down – Thailand is full of gleaming Buddha statues, some large and some tiny. Take your pick of temples to see them in and then work your way through the country’s collection of Buddha relics if you’ve yet to reach your fill.

5. Shopping

The range of shopping in Thailand goes from tailor-made suits and dresses to flea markets for tourists and locals to shop and mingle. Someone once said that you can find anything at a Thai local market and they are right. Best of all, train travel in Thailand is cheap and you can enjoy the fantastic Thai scenery along the way. There is great food everywhere in Thailand, including on the train.

6. See the elephants play polo

Every year there is a polo tournament in Thailand called the King’s Cup that features elephants as the player’s transportation around the field. It’s a fundraiser for elephant welfare.

7. Thai gardens


Thai gardens are the most beautiful in Southeast Asia. There is one called Suan Nong Nooch, in Pattaya, that some argue in the most beautiful botanical garden in the world. It has over 2,000 visitors a day so go early.

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