10 Best Things About Canada and Being Canadian

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Canada is not just the world’s second-largest country; it is also one of the most fascinating. From its breathtaking natural scenery to clean air and the most polite people in the world, Canada is the place to be. Her economy is also one of the best in the world, and so are her institutions and infrastructure. Canadians are modest to the core and would apologize even when a stranger bumps into them.

Canada is more than just the breathtaking Niagara Falls. There are many reasons Canada is up there with the top countries of the world, as well as one of the top countries that immigrants flock towards. Let’s explore the ten best things about Canada:

1. Skiing Haven

If you love skiing, one of the best things about Canada is its claim among the world’s leading skiing destinations. You will have ample reasons to use your snowboard or ski wherever you are in Canada. Among popular skiing and snowboarding locations include Lake Louise, located in the vicinity of the beautiful Banff National Park, and many other places in the eastern side of British Columbia.

According to SKI Magazine, the Whistler Blackcomb, a leading ski resort, is one of the “best in North America.” On the eastern side, Quebec needs no introduction to skiing, neither is the Bugaboos.

2. A Strong National Brand

Canadians are patriotic people. Throughout Canada, the conspicuous maple leaf will constantly remind you where you are. The maple leaf will appear in all manner of places in the expansive Canadian territory.

This sense of patriotism goes beyond Canadian borders. Abroad, you are likely to see the maple leaf on bags of Canadian backpackers, perhaps to leave no doubt they are Canadians.

3. Favourite Movie Shoot Locations

Hollywood loves to shoot their movies in Canada. You are likely to watch an actual movie shooting in Canada than anywhere else in the world. You can walk into a set (well, almost). Among famous movies shot in Canada include Brokeback Mountain, The Incredible Hulk, Capote, Blades of Glory, Twilight, Unforgiven, the Titanic, and a host of others.

4. Cleanest Air

Canada ranks among the top three places in the world with the cleanest air. Estonia and Mauritius occupy the first spots. Every cubic meter in Canadian cities has an average of 13 micrograms of PM10 particles. That’s a delightful gust of fresh air wherever you are in Canada.

5. World Renown Chocolate Bars

If you like your chocolate bars velvety and fatty, this is one of the best things about Canada. The Canadian chocolate bar has a larger particle size besides the fact that it is extremely fatty. If you love the cheesier, grittier flavour, the popular Canadian Mr. Big, Aero, Caramilk, and Saskatoon’ s-manufactured Sweet Marie are extremely palatable.

6. Fresh Water Lakes

Did you know Canada has close to 3 million lakes? At 250,000, Ontario alone has one-third of the world freshwater. It is common to hear the phrase “heading up to the lake” repeatedly wherever you are in Canada.

With as many cottages as lakes, Canada has become one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. For instance, the National Geographic Traveler has cited the prime lake district of Ontario as the top summer destination globally.

7. Canadians Use Beautiful Phrases and Terms

Two-dollar coins are fondly referred to as a “toonies” while napkins are politely called “serviettes.”┬áIf you are found loitering in ice rinks, you are most likely to be called a ‘link rat’ (how is that for polite?).

You might even be given “the gears” if you are caught doing something dumb. Should your belt be noticeably loose, someone might politely point out that your “your gitch is showing.”

8. Canadians Have a Wonderful Sense of Humour

Humour is a Canadian therapy, both intentional and unintentional humour. Remember comic heavyweights such as Catherine O’Hara, Phil Hartman, Leslie Nielsen, Seth Rogen, Eugene Levy, Dan Aykroyd, Michael Cera, Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, John Candy, and many others?

Well, they are all Canadians, and they are hilarious. Canadian humour is so famous that ‘serious’ studies have been undertaken to establish why this is so. If you want to get yourself a good laugh, stay close to a Canadian; or immigrate to Canada.

9. Numerous Highway Eat Outs

In Canada, a road trip is incomplete without food. As you drive to wherever, you will come across many highway eat-outs where you can grab a meal on the run. The Swiss Chalet, Tim Hortons, and Harvey’s are just a few of these.

Whether you have a craving for natural smoked bacon, McNuggets, peameal, a bacon burger, a box of Timbits, chalet source, or chicken, you will find the many highway grubs highly convenient.

10. Canadians Apologize Liberally

Canadians apologize constantly. While in most countries apologies are rare, in Canada the converse is true. The word ‘sorry’ is perhaps one of the most frequently used in Canada. A Canadian will apologize even when he or she is on the receiving end of a mishap.

A poll conducted by Queen’s University established that the majority of Canadians (90%) between the age of 18 to 25 apologize when someone bumps into them.

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