8 Types of Cool Hats for Guys in the Summer

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Is the heat already getting you down? Hey, it was bound to happen after a freezing winter and a cool spring. Now Mother Nature will exact her revenge. But you can protect yourself from the oppressive heat and the unbearable sunshine. How? With any of these hats.
Here are eight types of cool hats for guys this summer:

1. Cotton Baseball Hats

Typically, whenever we wear a baseball cap, it is to don the logo of our favourite sports teams, whether it is a Major League Baseball club or a National Basketball Association franchise. While these are cool to wear, they are not entirely cotton, mixed with some of the other fabrics out there.

A generic 100 percent cotton baseball cap from Polo or Tommy Hilfiger is a better option is better than wearing a New York Yankees cap or a Pittsburgh Steelers hat.

You will feel the difference after just an hour outside. These cool hats for guys do more to protect your head than your average baseball hat.

2. Mesh Hats

When you want to protect yourself from the hot sun, but you also want to breathe, then a mesh material is the superior fabric to use. Unfortunately, the mesh isn’t the nicest or elegant material around, but it is comfortable and it can do wonders for you and your body when you’re baking at 40 degrees Celsius outside.

3. Snapback Hats

Snapback caps have become one of the most popular hat styles in the world. Likely because athletes and celebrities have worn this apparel on television, others have followed suit and adopted the style. The traditional baseball cap is gone because of the snapback.

So, if you’re heading to a party, a friend’s house, or the beach for some fun under the moon, your snapback hat is a great complement to your apparel choice.

4. Seersucker Hats

In fashion, what is old is new again. Back in the day, seersucker, otherwise known as a railroad stripe, was the style of choice for so many men. Well, they’re back in fashion, but it might be more for comfort than style. Seersucker is a thin, puckered, and all-cotton fabric that is primarily made for spring and summer wear.

Not only will you keep cool in the summer sun with these cool hats for guys, but you can also be fashion forward and borrow from the past.

5. Khaki Hats

Who doesn’t love a pair of chinos? Indeed, khaki is the go-to clothing style for men in the summer. Khaki is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing around. You can play golf, do construction, participate in business meetings, or go to dinner with your significant other.

Khaki hats, khaki shirts, but what about khaki hats? Oh, yeah!

Khaki baseball caps can serve as a tremendous apparel complement to the rest of your style, even if you’re not wearing khaki. Most importantly, these cool hats for guys are really breathable.

6. Pork Pie Hats

Again, what is old is new again. Although it has not taken off as fashion designers had hoped, the pork pie hat is still pretty popular for men and boys. You look like the life of the party wearing one and you do not look as snooty as if you wore a fedora hat, which is also making a comeback in the fashion world.

Stylish, comfortable, and easy to put on and take off – the pork pie is a sublime summer hat.

7. Bucket Hats

Let’s be candid: The bucket hat should not be worn to a dinner party nor should it be worn out to a restaurant. But if you are heading to the beach, going for a hike, or spending time in the garden, then a bucket hat is an essential spring/summer add-on.

Sure, it isn’t the most fashionable, but does that really matter when you’re Lawrence of Arabia outside?

We thought not. Remember, the sun doesn’t care if you look good or not. It just wants you to melt.

8. Panama Hats

Panama hats were all the rage back in the day – probably in the early 20th century. They have largely been absent since then, but with so many fashion designers trying to tap into the past, a Panama hat is returning to the spotlight.

Not exactly a casual piece of attire for the beach or to go play catch, a Panama hat is more for going out on the town and looking your best, whether you are going to an outdoor classical concert or you are spending your day or evening on the patio. Whatever the case, you will be shaded from the sun thanks to your Panama.

With the city fully entrenched in summer, are you in the market for a new hat? Right now, your old Boston Red Sox cap from the 2004 championship season isn’t cutting it anymore. Plus, you want something that is a little less sports related and a little more heat-resistant. Any of these hats will suffice. It’s just up to you decide what style you’re after.

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