8 Reasons Why I Love My Futon

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If you already own a futon, you know how convenient futons can be. If you don’t already own one, what are you waiting for? Here are 8 reasons why futons are great, and why you should buy one instead of buying a guest bed or a regular sofa.

1. Futons are affordable

There are different models of futons available on the market, and most of them are very affordable. Instead of buying a guest bed and a sofa, you can get both for one single price! Futons are great because they allow us to save some money.

2. Futons are perfect for overnight guests

Futons make perfect beds for overnight guests, and they are more comfortable and convenient than inflatable mattresses. If you are a student living on your own in a very small room, you will also enjoy having both a sofa and a bed in this small room.

3. Futons help you save some space

People who live in a small apartment or in a small home are always happy to buy furniture that helps them save some space. When no one is sleeping on your futon, you can simply fold it to turn it into a couch. Futons generally take less space than regular sofas.

4. Futons are easy to assemble

Futon frames are very easy to assemble and to disassemble, so you should be able to take care of it on your own, with only a few tools. Repairing your futon, or replacing some broken parts should also be very easy and affordable.

5. Futons can be comfortable

Let’s be honest: some futons are anything but comfortable. However, many futons are now as comfortable as regular beds. It’s up to you to shop around, to make sure you will have a nice, comfortable bed to offer to your overnight guests. If you have an old, uncomfortable futon, maybe all you need is a new futon mattress.

6. Futons are versatile

A futon is a bed and a sofa at the same time. Some futons are designed with cup holders, allowing you and your friends to relax while watching a movie. Other futons have some storage spaces, and split back futons allow one person to sleep while the other is seated. Futons are great because they are versatile.

7. Futons are stylish

Futons can be as stylish as regular sofas. They come in different styles and configurations, and they can have either a wood or a metal frame. You are sure to find a style and a color that will match your current decor, and will make you proud of owning a futon.

8. Futon covers help you update your futon

No matter which style you choose, nothing is set in stone. If you ever want to change the decor of your living room or guest bedroom, all you have to do is purchase or make a new futon cover. Futon covers are also perfect to update and refresh an old futon, for an affordable price.

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