8 Reasons Why I’m Replacing My Lock

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Having a door lock replaced or rekeyed is quite common. There are a number of reasons why people do this. It could be for security, peace of mind, or even from damage caused by everyday wear and tear.

Here is a list of reasons why you might want to replace or rekey your door locks:

1. They don’t last forever

The lock on your door was built to last. However, it was not meant to last forever. As the key is repeatedly used multiple times a day the lock will eventually wear down. This can make it difficult to open, and even no longer secure. For many, it can be an aesthetic choice, and they just want a fresh new look for their front door.

2. You may not be the only person with a key

If your home has had multiple owners, it is possible that you do not have all of the copies of the keys. If you don’t want to worry about how many other people may have access to your home, then it is time for your home to be rekeyed.

3. Your keys are lost

When you lose your keys it can be very frustrating. It could also make your house no longer secure, depending on how you lost them, it could be possible for someone to connect the keys back to your home address. Anytime you lose your keys, it is advised that you have your front door rekeyed to prevent any opportunistic thieves from taking advantage.

4. Your purse is stolen

This can be a very dangerous situation. Not only does the thief know your home address, he also has the ability to open the door with ease. Even if your home has an alarm, it is still recommended that you ensure that your door is secure as it is your home’s first line of defence.

5. The property has recently been broken into

Many thieves will return the homes that they have already broken into. If they found it easy to pick your lock once, they will likely try again. This has led many homeowners to not only re-key their home, but to also have a much more powerful and secure locking mechanism.

6. Even new homes need to be secured

If you have bought a new housing or condo development, then during the construction many engineers, architects and other contractors have had access to keys. Even though there are many procedures in place to prevent keys falling into the wrong hands, then the only sure way to know that you have the only key to your home is to re-key the doors.

7. When someone moves out

Even if you were on very good terms when your roommate moved out, you need to make sure that they no longer have access to your home. Although you may trust them completely, people change and so do their circumstances. This will also protect them should your home be broken into with no forced entry as they will be a suspect.

8. Trouble getting the door to open or close

This is the first sign that the lock is coming to the end of its life. Trust us, it’s better that you choose the time and date of when to replace a lock. The last thing that you want if for your lock to stop functioning in the early hours of the morning so you need to call an emergency locksmith.

Locks are meant to protect you, your possessions, and other household members. If any situation arises in which the locks you have can’t or don’t provide that protection anymore, it’s time to rekey or replace them.

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