8 Reasons Why I’m Driving a Honda

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Buying a car is an investment and buying a Honda is one of the best investments that a car owner can make when purchasing a new vehicle. Whether you are looking to buy a used or a brand new car, choosing a Honda is one of the best, as well as most cost-effective, decisions you can make. Honda is a Japanese automotive company with a proven track record for reliability. Honda’s lineup of cars is also very robust.

No matter what type of car you are looking forward, it is likely that Honda has something that will fit your needs. On top of all of that, Honda is known as an innovator in the field of car manufacturing and, when you buy a Honda, you know that you are getting all of the latest available technological innovations. All in all, a Honda is an excellent vehicle that is cost-effective and reliable.

1. Award Winning Company

The award list for Honda’s vehicles is rather extensive. The company received Car and Driver’s “Top Manufacturer Award” 80 times. Honda also received this award more than any other manufacturer. Honda’s Civic, Fit, Accord, Odyssey, and Pilot have all been on the top “10 Best Cars” list several times. Besides Car and Driver awards, Honda has also received “Greenest Automaker”, “Best Buy Award”, “Top Safety Pick”, and “Best Overall Non Luxury Brand.”

2. Reliability

With proper maintenance a Honda will easily surpass 150,000 km and there is no shortage of customers for whom a Honda has lasted for 400,000 km or more. Besides taking the “Most Trusted Brand” award, many of Honda’s vehicles are also consistently ranked at the top of the list for reliability by consumer reports.

3. Customer Satisfaction

All of the above mentioned awards aren’t for naught either. Hondas are consistently highly rated by their owners. According to statistics, Honda also has the highest customer loyalty among other car manufacturers. Honda has won several Polk Loyalty Awards.

4. Fuel Efficient

Buying a Honda means that you are buying a car from an industry leader in the fuel-efficiency market. Several of Honda’s models are rated at 30+ mpg on the highway and the entire brand boasts an average mpg rating of 25 for city driving. Since Honda likes to give its customers a large variety of options, it also has a great selection of hybrid vehicles.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Honda’s vehicles are eco-friendly to boot, which means that Honda’s cars are not only fuel-efficient but they also pollute significantly less than any other car brand. The Honda Civic Hybrid and the Honda Insight are both regarded as the greenest cars by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEE).

6. Latest Technology

If you like your vehicles to come with the latest technologies, then a Honda is a perfect fit because Honda is constantly innovating and experimenting with new technologies. Honda’s vehicles are the leaders in advanced safety, comfort, and performance features.

7. Safety

The Honda Civic and the Honda Insight are the top safety picks by the Insurance Institute of Highway’s Safety (IIHS) and many of Honda’s other vehicles consistently receive high safety scores.

8. Affordability

Honda’s vehicles are either on par or beat out the prices of similar models of their competitors. This, and the fact that Honda’s vehicles are some of the least expensive vehicles to maintain, makes a Honda one of the best financial car investments that a person car make.

A Honda vehicle, whether new or used, is difficult to beat in any category. Honda’s cars are reliable, affordable, inexpensive to maintain, have the latest technology, are some of the highest rated vehicles by consumers, and they are both eco-friendly and have high safety ratings. This makes Honda’s vehicles some of the best cars around to own and drive.

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