7 Unique Benefits I Have as a Canadian Citizen

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Canada has a long and rich history of immigration. After the world wars, Canada’s immigration policies helped the country create generations of new citizens and helped build the population we have today. Since then, Canada’s immigration laws and policies have changed dramatically. Immigration cases will often require the expertise of an immigration lawyer for their full extent of knowledge.

Despite the radical changes to the immigration platform, Canada still maintained its national identity based on a foundation of immigration and multiculturalism. Here are seven reasons to consider immigrating to Canada.

1. There’s Lots of Room

Canada is second on the list when it comes to largest countries in the world. With a population of only 35 million, the country boasts nearly 10 million square kilometres. It also has a range of different landscapes, from scenic coastal towns to beautiful mountain-side villages to spacious countryside to thriving cities. Canada has plenty of room for newcomers.

2. You Won’t Be Alone

Canada greets around 250,000 immigrants each year and although the U.S lets more newcomers in overall, Canada’s population size is a lot smaller. This means that as a percentage of total population, Canada lets in twice as many immigrants each year compared to the United States. One in five Canadians were born in other countries.

3. Great Education Opportunities

Canada’s free public school system and its mandatory schooling laws makes sure that every Canadian has a basic education. Once past high school, Canada offers access to some amazing colleges and universities all across the country.

Canada is a great country for international students to come to study. Canadian degrees are respected all over the world, and can help international students apply for permanent residence in Canada.

4. Medical Coverage

If you get sick or injured, you’re covered. Like with education, access to any necessary medical services is considered a basic right in Canada. The country’s national health insurance system assures that no permanent residents or citizens will be denied medical care because they don’t have the money to pay for it. In Canada, your income or net worth doesn’t dictate your access to medical care.

5. Canada is Safe

Canada is built upon freedom and tolerance. We have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that guarantees protection against discrimination and promises the right to vote, move around the country freely, and more. Canada ranked second out of 128 countries overall in the 2016 Social Progress Index, which captured three dimensions of social progress: Foundations of Wellbeing, Basic Human Needs, and Opportunity. Denmark came in first.

Canada is the eighth safest out of 163 countries in the world according to the 2017 Global Peace Index, coming behind Iceland, New Zealand, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Czech Republic, and Slovenia.

6. The Country has a Strong and Stable Economy

In 2015 Canada’s GDP was $1.55 trillion, making it the 10th largest economy in the world. We have the most stable banking system, are well-positioned for long-term growth, and have highly efficient labour markets. Canada has an important role in the global economy.

Canada’s aging population means the country faces a looming labour shortage. This means we depend on immigration to keep our population growth stable and to support our social services.

7. Stable Political System

Perhaps one of the most desirable features of Canada is that it has a stable political system. Since gaining independence from Great Britain in 1867, Canada has democratically elected its leaders. There is very little political unrest and when Canadians do happen to become unhappy about the government, they are free to protest and lobby for change, or push to elect a different party in the next elections, be they municipal, provincial, or federal.

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