My 7 Tips to Keep Your Dental Implants Healthy

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Dental implants can play an important role not just in terms of a nice smile, but it can also help restore the facial shape of the patient. When teeth are missing, the shape of a person’s face can change dramatically. Implants are more than just about a smile. Premature wrinkles can appear around the mouth, so dental implants can also make a person look younger.

Your confidence is increased as you feel better about yourself. It’s important to look after the work that’s done, so here are some good tips to keep your dental implants healthy and in good shape.

1. Follow The Dentist’s Instructions

After you have the procedure done, it is important to listen to your dentist’s advice to the letter. This will help ensure the success of the procedure. Not only is immediate aftercare vital, it will also help for long-term success. Initially, you are prone to swelling, pain, implant failure and infection, so make sure to heed the dentist’s advice to avoid this.

2. Limit Activities

Try not to take part in any strenuous activity after the procedure. You need your implants to heal properly and exertion can cause swelling and bleeding. Your dentist would have told you how long you should take it easy, but in general, two or three days of rest is ideal, so try to limit your activities.

3. Taking Medication

Many people are guilty of taking their foot off the pedal once they start feeling better. So, if you start feeling great, do not make the mistake of stopping the medication. Take all your medication as directed until the course is completed. There is always the possibility of an infection or some other problem occurring, so do as you are told!

4. Avoid Smoking

If you don’t smoke, you’re in the clear, but it can be a difficult time for smokers. Tobacco products can slow down the healing process and also put you at risk for periodontal disease. If you find it absolutely impossible, then at least aim for drastically reducing smoking both just before and after the surgery.

5. Alcohol

Like smoking, alcohol can also be a problem for some people to give up, though it should be easier. Again, if you don’t want to give it up for a while, try reducing your alcohol intake for a while. Tissues are really delicate at this time and can get easily inflamed, dehydrated or infected. Once the surgery is fully healed, you can go back to consuming alcohol normally.

6. Cut Back On Sugar

Try to reduce your sugar intake, as foods high in sugar can increase tooth decay as well as other oral-related health issues. Things like candy and soda tend to have high sugar content, so for the sake of your new implants as well as the other teeth, reduce high sugar foods.

7. Check The Implants Regularly

Though you’re bound to do this anyway, it’s a good idea to check the implant sites regularly for the first little while. Anything that catches your eye as not being quite right, or any infection or inflammation, make sure that you contact the dentist immediately.

Try to avoid any undue pressure on the surgery sites. This helps the healing and helps to prevent any pain or inflammation. Implants will help to improve your overall oral health. Any spaces are filled by implants, resulting in less decay and bacteria. Once you’re healed, you will truly appreciate the full benefits of your dental implants.

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