7 Reasons I’m Installing a Driveway Alarm

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Homeowners are always looking for ways to avoid being a victim of burglary. There are a great many ways that you can help to protect your home from being targeted by criminals. One thing that is often overlooked as a security measure is a driveway alarm. They are in fact, an essential tool to ensure that your home is fully protected.

The benefits of owning a driveway alarm are numerous, here are 7 reasons why you need to get one installed right away.

1. Get alerted before they break in

Many traditional security systems will only alert you that someone has breached your home security. Driveway alarms are a lot more proactive as they activate when someone steps onto your property. This can discourage even the most determined burglar scouting for unprotected homes in your area. This extra deterrent can make the difference between your home and family being targeted, to a burglar moving onto a house that is not as well protected.

2. It’s not just people you need protection from

There are many animals that have adapted to the urban and suburban jungle. Racoons, groundhogs and even larger animals can be a real problem for your garbage bins and perfectly manicured lawns. With advanced notice that a raccoon is approaching you will be able to scare them off before they become accustomed to your garbage bin being a regular hangout.

3. You can be a better host

This is an unexpected benefit of having a driveway alarm that many homeowners find very welcome. From anywhere in your home you will know when your guests have pulled up into your driveway. This means that you can greet them at the door with open arms, this is especially helpful in adverse weather conditions, or if you have a large property.

4. Activate the lights

This can protect you as you approach your home as it will light up the outside of your house as you approach so that you can see that the coast is clear. Also, it serves to deter any unwelcome visitors as they approach your property.

The settings of your lights can be adjusted to suit the size of your home so that you get the protection you need around the clock without the expensive utility bill.

5. Know who broke your packages

There is nothing worse than ordering something online, only to have it arrive broken. With driveway alarms and security systems, you will be able to watch the delivery person drop off your package. You will be able to see if they drop it off with due care and attention, or if they casually toss it onto your porch. Many homeowners have even used the footage from their security systems to get full refunds or replacement items.

6. Talk to your visitors

Being able to talk to people as they approach your home can be a great additional safety feature and allow you to prevent those who you don’t want to see from gaining entry to your property. With the addition of video, you can keep an eye on every gateway to your home in style.

7. Know when your kids come home

Waiting for your children to come home from their first party or night out when they are old enough can be a stressful time. With a driveway alarm, you will be able to know when they come home from anywhere in the house, so you no longer need to wait up to see if they miss curfew. The added bonus is that your kids will know that they need to be honest with you in the morning, so it works for everyone.

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