6 Tips I Used to Find a Retirement Home for My Grandpa

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When you have a loved one who is about to make the move to an assisted living community, you want to be 100% sure that it is the right place for him or her. This is a very important decision for them and for you. You need to know if they will be taken care of properly and that the retirement home facilities are excellent. There are many things for you to consider before deciding on the move. Let’s take a look at some of the best tips to help you make this decision.

1. Be Observant & Check Cleanliness

When you visit the community, keep your eyes open and look for any signs of uncleanliness or odours. Look at corners and windows to see signs of dirt or dust. Ask about how often housekeeping is provided. Also make sure to find out about maintenance and how fast the response time is. Ask about laundry costs and procedures.

2. Tour During An Activity

It’s a good idea to plan a tour that coincides with an activity. Find out if you can be present to observe or possibly even participate. See if you can find out what plans and activities they have in their calendar, so that you can find out if any of these match with the interests of your loved one. Do they offer any trips outside of the community?

3. Observe The Staff

This is a big consideration. Watch the staff to see if they are friendly as they interact with residents. You need to be confident with the staff. If possible, try to meet with the management staff as well. Staff have been known to mistreat the elderly all over the world, so this is a very important point to consider.

4. Check Out The Outdoor Area

Most people would love to be outside on a beautiful, sunny day to enjoy the weather. Find out about the outdoor areas that are used by the residents. Does it look safe and secure? Are there any activities that the staff plan for residents in these areas?

5. Dining Room

If possible, find out if you can have a meal with everyone. Find out about dining procedures and options since dining is an important part of a senior’s life. You could meet other residents while sampling the cuisine. You also want to make sure that dietary needs are met.

6. Safety & Security

This is understandably a major concern. You need to know if the bathroom is fitted with grab bars. Ask questions about how a resident contacts staff should they be faced with an emergency. Is there someone on-site all the time? Are registered nurses there for 24 hours or are they 9-5 only? Do staff provide help with medication?

Left on their own, some seniors may forget to take their medication, or they may drop it and not be able to retrieve it. Is there someone overlooking this? Are the beds safe? Even the bed rails have caused security concerns, so make sure to ask many questions.

If possible, speak to residents and their families as well to get an unbiased opinion of the place. Find out about personal care such as grooming and bathing. See if staff remain professional and if they treat everyone with the same respect and dignity. Finally, trust your instincts. If there’s something bothering you, then look elsewhere, but make sure to give it a chance by checking into many details so that you have all the information to make an informed decision.

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