6 Reasons Why I Love My Futon

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If you have ever lived life as a young college student, or someone renting their first home and buying all the furniture it needs, you know why futons are the saviours of the world. They come in all colours, shapes and sizes, but most importantly, they come in options that make them the perfect choice for almost anyone on a budget. From college dorms to new homes, futons have everywhere occupied a special place in the hearts of their owners.

Below, we list some of the reasons why futons are some of the most beloved pieces of furniture people ever buy.

1. Affordable

Let’s just get straight to the point! If anyone had the money to buy a proper bed and a proper couch, they would do exactly that. The number one reason why futons are so popular is because of how much they cost. Their affordable pricing makes them an obvious and sensible option for anyone looking to buy furniture on a budget. Compared to how much you might end up paying for a proper bed and a proper couch, you can own your own futon for a tiny fraction of that cost.

2. Multipurpose

There are various ways in which the same futon can be bought by different people for completely different reasons from each other. Some may buy a futon because it can act like a couch with storage options. Others may buy one because it is a bed that does not occupy a lot of space during the day time. The uses of a futon are plenty, and that is why many people choose futons over the traditional, single purpose serving pieces of furniture.

3. Guests

A futon is the best answer for someone who often has guests that stay the night. If you do not have extra bedrooms in your house, or do not want to invest in a bed that only the guests will be using, buying a futon is the ideal solution for the situation. The futons can be used in the living room as a couch that can later be turned into the bed for the guests. When everyone is up again in the morning, the bed can again change itself into a much-needed couch.

4. Assembly

On paper, a futon is a couch that can turn into a bed. But thanks to the way it is designed, it is also easier to assemble a futon that to assemble a couch or a bed. The easy assembly means that a futon can be part of any house, no matter how great or poor the handy-man skills of the home owners are.

5. Freshness

Get bored of your couch? Replace the entire couch. Got bored of the design or wood colour of your bed? Change the entire bed too! But, getting bored with the appearance of your futon? All you need to do is invest little money in the futon mattress cover and you are good to go. Even if you are moving into a new place or are just updating your home with some new colours, you can always make sure that the futon matches with the rest of the aesthetics of the house perfectly.

6. Style

Gone are the days when buying a futon due to budget issues also meant compromising on the design of the furniture. Now, futons come in all kinds of shapes and designs that make them look as good as some of the couches and beds available in the market. If you ever rejected the idea of buying a futon because of their visual appeal, it is time to head out to some stores and get pleasantly surprised.

There you have it! With a nice futon and a great mattress to go along with it, your house will be set!

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