6 Power Tools I’m Adding to My Workshop

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Choosing the right power tool can have a significant impact on your home improvement projects. The latest products are designed to help drive project efficiency and to eliminate the costs and time associated with complex work around the home. But most people don’t have a clear idea on the leading power tools and the various applications for which they are suitable. Within this latest post, we’ll highlight the six power tools to add to your home tool box in 2017.

1 .Miter Saw

Whether you’re looking to put in crown molding around the home or redo your deck space outside, you’ll need a miter saw to ensure the work is completed with the optimal level of precision. The latest products are designed with a laser marking system to help you further hone to the quality of your sawing work and to minimize the time to complete complex projects.

2. Power Sander

Trying to sand pieces by hand takes time and can lead to repetitive strain injuries for those that take on the process regularly. It’s far more efficient to turn to a power sander for all of your sanding requirements over the long-term future. The power sander is powered by electricity and captures the dust and sand as they’re created, to further limit the mess within the home and provide you with an easy and comfortable way to complete challenging sanding work.

3. Wet/Dry Vacuum

For those messes around the workshop related to your tool use, you’ll need a wet/dry vacuum. The vacuum uses a foam filter to pick up water and other liquid debris in the workspace. While the paper filter within the system is designed to ensure that all dust and other contaminants are quickly vacuumed and sent to the garbage.

4. Table Saw

If you’re beginning a building project and require straight pieces of material to begin the process, a table saw is one of the most important additions you can make to your tool kit. The system can be used to achieve the very highest levels of cutting precision. And table saws can also help you to cut large pieces into precise shapes for the design of furniture and other elements around the home. To limit your cutting work on your next project, make a table saw your priority purchase.

5. Cordless Nailers

Those frustrations you’ve faced in trying to operate your cord drill with precision are now in the past. The latest range of cordless nailers can help you to complete fast, effective nailing work without ever having to move wires around or find an outlet to continue. Typical nailer products such as framing and finish nailers require the user to carry around a large hose and a compressor to achieve optimal power. But the latest cordless nails limit this problem. Cordless products are ideal, whether you’re working on your kitchen cabinetry or the doors to your dining room space.

6. Self-Righting Work Light

The self-righting work light is one of the most important tools you’ll need for those all-day jobs around the home. Rather than working with a light that shifts constantly with the movement of your equipment, using a self-righting work light can help keep the light levels consistent in the area. It’s a great addition for those seeking safety and peace of mind for nighttime power tool use.

Make sure you consult with local experts in your area before investing in the latest power tools. You can save money and improve your project efficiency by simply selecting the right tool for the job. Begin today by calling your local power tool specialist.

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