6 Living Room Furniture Ideas for My Bachelor Pad

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Decorating your living room can get complicated especially if it’s your first time. Bachelor pads are often looked down on for their inability to comfortably entertain, however, this is an issue solved with some improvements to your decor. This blog post looks at six different tips to help you decorate your living room furniture!

1. Invest In A Large Sofa

Bachelor pads often suffer from poor seating once gatherings extend over four people. With armchairs and a loveseat in your setup, someone is always going to get left out away from the conversation.

Large sofas are perfect for parties, long discussions with friends or just watching TV alone. Corner sofas fit comfortably into the corner of your room, and you can usually adjust the length of each side of the sofa. Having a large sofa is the best way to accommodate multiple guests in a small space.

2. Use Custom Cabinets As Centerpieces

Custom cabinets become the ultimate centerpiece as soon as they’re added to your apartment. Large, majestic cabinets, bars, and bookshelves create a strong focal point to build your living room around.

Depending on your personality and the type of ambiance you want to create; you can choose between a fully stocked bar, an electric fireplace or a wall full of books. Either option creates a majestic focal point for you to build the rest of your room around.

3. Use Dramatic Colors In Your Living Room

Dramatic colors create a sophisticated backdrop in your bachelor pad. If your living room your is small and doesn’t get a lot of natural light, you can turn this negative into a positive by choosing a bold, dramatic color to set the tone in your living room. Dark browns, navy blues, and even dark greens make for excellent choices in your bachelor pad living room.

Dark, glossy walls allow you to accent your living room with simple, clean-lined pieces. Choosing the right color to serve as the backdrop for your room makes decorating and finding pieces that fit a much easier task.

4. Resist The Urge To Stick With A Specific Theme

You may be tempted to go all out and decorate your apartment with a theme based on your favorite sports team or favorite movie. However, theme-based decors paint you into a corner and create very static looking living rooms.

Sports-themed rooms have been done so much it lacks individuality. You can still include items throughout your living room that show your interests but don’t allow them to dominate the theme. Creating a bold yet neutral decor makes it easier for you to switch your style as you grow as a person.

5. Add Layers Of Lighting

Having multiple layers of lighting is a professional trick used to create interest and variety in homes. Nothing will stand out in your living room if everything is evenly lit. In addition to your main room light consider adding some lights to your primary and secondary focal points. Pot lights under bookshelves or inside a bar are excellent ways to light up your room.

Remember, you can also use fireplaces and side lamps as intriguing sources of light.

6. Camouflage Your TV With Your Decor

Most bachelor pads use a television as the focal point inside the living room. Using your TV as a focal point is a practical choice since it gets a lot of use; however, TV’s tend to dominate the decor and bring down the overall feeling of luxury.

Instead of allowing the television to stand out, using artwork with similar frames which will help the TV blend in with the room. You can also arrange the seating in your living room where its optimized for conversation instead of having every seat pointed towards the  TV.

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