6 Features I Love About Quartz Countertops

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When beginning the renovation process, you might consider various types of countertop material. Laminate, concrete and recycled glass countertops are all popular options in the current marketplace. But many buyers are now turning to the value provided by quartz countertops. Quartz is one of the latest natural stone materials favoured by buyers seeking a certain level of style and functionality from their countertops. Our team has great experience in this area of the marketplace and in this latest post we’re highlighting the many benefits of quartz countertops.

1. Non-Porous Material

One of the clear advantages of quartz as a countertop material is it’s non-porous. And this means you won’t have to worry about bacteria, germs and any other undesirable elements inside the countertop. The non-porous nature of the countertop means it’s also much less likely stain since there are no pores in which the stains set. While stains can still accumulate if allowed to settle over time, food products are much less likely to have a lasting effect on quartz countertops as they are on other materials.

2. Limited Maintenance

This is a significant benefit to quartz compared with other stone products. They don’t have to be sealed after the integration process and resealed regularly. You won’t have to clean the countertops regularly to remove dirt and grime. They can be cleaned with soap and water as with other surfaces in the kitchen and will retain their appeal for years to come. It’s the simple maintenance process that is helping quartz become the ideal option for many homeowners across the country.

3. Consistency for Design Balance

One of the reasons many homeowners avoid using natural stone material in the home is that they find it difficult to blend the material with their other home elements because its variant colouring. Quartz countertops are designed with consistency of colour, and this ensures that the home retains its design appeal after the installation process. It also gives homeowners greater control over their home design. They pick specific quartz products and rely on the knowledge that the colour will be ideal for their home design.

4. Number of Finishing Options

Quartz countertops look great within the home. They’re also offered in various finishes, from calming honed finishes to stylish shiny surfaces. Quartz countertops can also be easily updated over time, which means if you choose to add a finish at a later date, a specialist can visit your home to apply the ideal finish for your new kitchen design. It’s a product that offers significant aesthetic value and will hold up well in all types of property.

5. No Health Effect

Some types of natural stone are known to contain radioactive materials that might have an impact on the health of those living within the property. For example, granite materials are known to contain radon, which can in significant amounts impact a person’s health. Most brands of quartz are considered NSF (National Sanitation Foundation)-certified, which means they’re completely safe for home use and won’t harbor harmful bacteria.

6. Significant Colour Range

Another aesthetic advantage offered by quartz countertops is that they are offered within a significant colour range. Homeowners will be able to visit the showroom and select a material that suits their home with complete precision. The material is man-made and therefore can be optimized to suit your unique design needs by the fabrication team. Unlike purely natural products, quartz is suited to all contemporary home designs.

Turn to your local experts now for guidance on your full range of quartz countertops. It’s how many are enhancing their homes for 2018!

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