My 6 Best Tips to Design a Package

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When you’re in business, sometimes the little things can make or break you. You’ve worked hard to come up with a new product, but no matter how good you think it is, there is one last step to consider and it has nothing to do with the quality of the product. It’s a very important last step that your business must get right – the packaging. Sometimes, packaging can make all the difference. Studies have shown that some customers have tried a product based solely on the packaging.

It intrigued them enough for them to approach it, like what they saw and eventually bought it. Here are some tips for designing a package for your product.

1. Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Think of that saying about walking a mile in someone’s shoes. Try to get into the mind of your customer. Who are you selling the product to? What is it going to do for them? Why would it appeal to them? Try to use appropriate graphics on your package since it represents what’s inside. Think of why it would appeal to you. If it doesn’t even appeal to you, then it’s unlikely that it will for them either.

2. Appropriate Phrasing

Your packaging should have the appropriate phrasing to describe what it is and also why someone would want to buy it. It is said that you only have a few seconds to catch a person’s attention, so try to keep it simple. Too much text could have potential customers turn their attention elsewhere.

3. Colours & Fonts

There are certain colours that do better than others. Red and blue tend to do well, but remember, this is just a general suggestion. You want to try and capture the attention of someone and certain colours tend to do that better than others. You also want people to be able to easily read the wording on the package. The product logo and the wording have to complement each other, not fight each other.

4. Honesty

Try to be as honest as possible on the packaging when describing what’s inside. Naturally, you want the graphics and text to be striking and capture their attention, however, it must also be able to match expectations when the package is opened. If the product is slightly disappointing and not as good as what it claims on the outside, you will lose business.

5. User-Friendly

Make sure that the packaging is user-friendly. It must be simple to open and people should not be struggling with it. There are some packages where it is almost impossible to open. You use brute force and the plastic cuts your finger. Have you ever tried opening a bag of munchies by pulling the front and back in different directions? Most packages open quite easily, yet there are a few where you pull so hard and it eventually pops open and half the contents go flying out.

6. Make It Stackable

You need to make sure that your package can be easily stacked on top of another or stand on its own. An oddly-shaped package may not be stackable, so consider this aspect.

Remember, your package is the final spokesperson. You must get it right to make the sale. It has to function properly and look enticing, then you’re on to a winner.

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