5 Reasons Why I Love My Oudoor Pizza Oven

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Pizza is just a wonderful, terrific meal that can be for everyone. Whether you are vegan, or a hardcore meat eater. A lover of everything cheese related, or a true fan of delicious crusts. Most people will be able to find a type of pizza that agrees with them well.

Seeing as there are so many forms of pizza in the world, it is only natural that there would be quite a few ways to prepare it, as well. One of the more favoured options is the outdoor wood oven, however. Why are outdoor wood ovens so great, you may ask? In this little guide, we will look at five good reasons as to why that is.

1. Quick and Easy

Have you ever had that real desire to throw a party and serve your very own, homemade pizza? It can happen, and actually doing that is such a rewarding experience, but it can be quite limited when using a kitchen stove. Those stoves can take a bit of time to properly prepare your pizza, and even then it may not be exactly perfect. An outdoor oven can do this in a fraction of time, allowing you to create many quality pizzas for those big parties and gatherings.

2. Boost that Flavour

Pizza can be great no matter how it’s made, but there is something about the taste of an outdoor wood oven that is just so unique and delicious. Some people have stated that going back to a standard oven after experiencing the flavour of a wood oven is quite disappointing. This is most likely due to the mouthwatering smoky flavour that a wood oven will provide.

This unique flavour is pretty much unattainable with any other oven, plus eating it outside on a relaxing evening just makes it taste all the better.

3. Retaining Nutrients

Many people absolutely love to top their pizza with delicious veggies and fruits of all sorts. The mixing of the crisp, tasty flavours with those of melty cheese, savoury sauces, and tasty meats can make for an incredible meal that will have guests talking for weeks.

However, outdoor wood ovens have a particular feature that many ovens lack. This feature, of course, being that the wood oven will cook the pizza so quickly that important nutrients locked away within vegetables and fruits will stay sealed in, making the pizza a bit healthier, perhaps giving you enough incentive to stick around for that second or third slice.

4. Many Uses

While we are talking about pizza ovens, it should be noted that outdoor wood ovens can fulfill many cooking needs. As much as most love pizza, nobody wants too much of a good thing, so using your wood oven for things such as making bread, cooking meats, and roasting vegetables are a great way to get your money’s worth from your new outdoor oven.

Plus, all of the great features that make the typical pizza even better usually pour over into other foods, as well.

5. Energy Conservation

Everyone loves going green. Whether it be for the environment, bragging rights, or simply as a justification for buying a shiny new toy. Luckily, an outdoor pizza oven will check this off your list, as they require neither gas nor electricity to cook a delicious meal.

Despite the smoke coming from the chimney, you will still be able to proudly stand beside your outdoor oven as your pizza quickly bakes on the inside, knowing that you’re saving a bit on your monthly energy bill. I think we can all agree that this is a nice feeling.

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