5 Reasons Why We Hired a Wedding Planner

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Everyone loves the idea of a wedding until it’s time to do the hard work that goes into planning. If you’ve ever planned an event of any kind, you know how complicated the process is. When you combine event planning with the emotions people experience on the most important day of their lives; you often get a planning process that makes you want to grab a blanket, curl into a ball and hide.

This blog post looks at five reasons why you should hire a wedding planner!

 1. Wedding Planners Will Help You Manage Budget Constraints

Staying on budget is an essential part of starting your marriage off on the right foot. While your special day needs to be amazing, it shouldn’t be at the expense of your future. Wedding planners have the vision to save you money in areas where you may not see an opportunity for savings.

Small decisions such as napkins, invitations and flowers add up to significant savings if you work with someone who knows what they’re doing. Wedding planners are skilled in making the most out of your budget and still achieving the wedding you want.

2. Planners Help Bring Your Vision To Life

Coming up with your ideal wedding and then executing it on your own is not as easy as it seems. Unless you have a near unlimited budget, planning your wedding on your own often results in you spending too much money in areas where you don’t need to. This is something easily avoided by working with a wedding planner. Another benefit of working with a wedding planner is they know how to time the different parts of your wedding to create an enjoyable environment.

No matter how beautiful your wedding is, your guests are going to be upset if they have to wait hours to eat after the ceremony. Bringing your vision to life requires understanding how to execute an event on a budget, which comes from years of experience of coordinating weddings.

3. A Good Wedding Planner Helps You Mediate Family Disagreements

The wedding planning process is an incredibly emotional time for everyone involved. Weddings bring out the best in us, but they also come with trust issues, jealousy and dealing with estranged family members.

Wedding planners offer a different perspective that will help to mediate opposing viewpoints within your family. Having a wedding planner in on the arrangements allows for a neutral person in the room who can diffuse arguments by making educated suggestions.

4. Wedding Planners Are Connected With The Best Vendors

When it comes to choosing vendors on your own, you have to worry about price and quality. Unless you’re experienced in the industry, finding all the necessary vendors (venue, food, flowers, photographers, etc.) for your wedding is going to turn into a full-time job.

Wedding planners and vendors work hand in hand so you’ll get the best deal on wedding event rentals by going through a wedding planner. Wedding planners help you find the best vendors within your budget which saves you hours of calculations, conversations, and agony.

5. You Need A “Go-To” Person On The Day Of Your Wedding

There’s nothing worse than having to make catering decisions in the middle of your own wedding. Without a planner at your side, the responsibility of managing the event will fall on your hands or your family’s.

Managing a wedding is incredibly tricky while trying to be an active part of the day. You deserve to be fully present at your wedding which is why you need a planner and their team to field all questions and concerns. Being able to enjoy your special day stress-free is one of the biggest advantages of hiring a wedding planner.

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