5 Reasons I Hired a Professional Mover

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Many people choose to hire professional movers for the big day, but decide they’ll save money by packing everything themselves. This is a valid choice—it’s certainly possible to pack everything yourself, and there are many guides that can help you pack efficiently—but if you want to truly minimize the stress of moving, it’s best to rely on the pros from start to finish.

Don’t believe us? Here are some advantages that professional packing services can offer:

1. Professional packing supplies

Have you ever run out of tape or boxes or any of the other million things you need to pack halfway through a day of last minute packing? Going out to get more disrupts the entire session and can take hours out of your day, not to mention the added stress.

Your moving company will have an essentially endless supply of boxes, bubble wrap, and tape, in all the right sizes for your possessions. Many companies also offer special packing arrangements for particularly fragile items.

2. Time management

This point is really two points. First, professional movers have years of experience. They know the most efficient way to pack all kinds of items, including the best materials for the job. They don’t have to think twice about how to wrap a delicate glass vase. And they have a marking system which will make it easy to stay organized as you unpack.

Second, hiring someone else to pack for you frees up your time so you can stay focused on living your life. It also ensures that you won’t end up packing everything in a panic at the very last minute. This is especially useful if you’re moving to a new city or country, as you can spend your time researching your home-to-be and securing employment, childcare and other services there.

3. Insurance

We’ve all broken or lost something precious to us during a move. Professional packing companies generally provide insurance, so anything lost or broken during the move can be replaced or at least paid for. It may not fully make up for losing something with extreme sentimental value, but it can give you some peace of mind.

If you choose the same company for both packing and moving, they will provide insurance for all your belongings throughout the entire process. Long distance movers tend to provide the most comprehensive insurance, as there’s more opportunity for accidental damage on a longer journey.

4. Peace of mind

In the end, all of these points really boil down to one thing: peace of mind.

Moving is considered one of the three most stressful events in life, right behind death of a loved one and divorce. The further away you’re moving, the more stressful it becomes. If you’ll have to find a new job once you move, that’s more stress. If you’re leaving behind your entire support network, add even more stress.

A packing company can dramatically reduce your stress by ensuring that everything happens on the schedule you want it to. They know how to minimize the chances of something going wrong, and they know how to calm you down when you’re freaking out about the move. Their help is invaluable from beginning to end.

5. Saving money

Hiring professional packers is expensive, but often you can bundle it with a moving service from the same company to save money. Most reputable companies also provide either a free cost calculator on their website or a free in-person consultation and estimate service, so you’ll know exactly how much you’re going to spend before you hire anyone.

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