5 Random Facts I Know About Personal Air Coolers

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If you are an athlete, or someone who works in extremely hot weather conditions, you may have a personal air cooler or want to consider investing in one. Personal air coolers are worn on your person and are designed to cool your body temperature in hot weather while prioritizing mobility. There are many reasons people might want or need a personal air cooler, and there are many options to choose from.

1. What kinds of personal air coolers are there?

Personal air coolers can be worn on top of or underneath the clothing, and come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles. There are three different kinds.

Cooling towels. These would be like wetting a towel at home and pressing it against your skin, however these are often made of a material that can absorb the water, so they last much longer than a regular towel.

Neck coolers. Just as the name indicates, these are designed to go around the neck. Some need to be frozen, and others just need water.

Personal cooling vests. Now here is the mother of all cooling devices. These are designed to be worn like a vest and cool the body, again with either frozen or refrigerated cold elements or by dipping it in water.

2. What do personal air coolers cost?

Depending on the device you choose, you could be looking at a cost of $7 or $250. Neck coolers and cooling towels can range anywhere from around $7 to $40, depending on the technology and material used.

Naturally, personal cooling vests run a little pricier. Some are more refined, thinner, sleeker, and may use better technology, and these will break into the high $200 range, but depending on what you’re using it for, you may want to spring for something a little – or a lot – cheaper. And that’s very possible, some personal cooling vests are available for as low as $40.

3. Who uses personal air coolers?

There are many reasons to use a personal air cooler, too many to even list here! But here are a few groups who are known to enjoy the relief of one of these items.

Athletes. Doing sports or physical activity on a hot day can be a drain on the energy. Having a cooling device, like a cooling vest for a runner or a neck cooler for a football player can help keep energy levels high, and heat exhaustion low.

Construction or manual labour workers. Working outside in the heat doing difficult manual labour is also a drain – like athletes, these workers are basically working out and sweating in the heat.

People with certain illnesses. For example, personal air coolers help people with Multiple Sclerosis. With MS, pain becomes more unbearable in higher heats. Personal air coolers help keep body temperatures more normal, and hanging out in the heat more bearable for people with MS.

4. How long do they last?

Depending on the method of cooling used, some personal air coolers will last for only a couple of hours, while others can last entire days. It also may not be the question of how long it lasts, but long it will take to effectively replenish your cooling device. Some take hours of freezing or cooling, while others can be simply dipped in some water and wrung out and are good to go again for another run.

5. What’s right for you?

With so many options, it may be difficult to decide, but if you choose a preferred price range and decide on which type of personal air cooler will work best for your needs, you’ll be chilling in no time.

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