5 Friendly Reminders Before Renting a Furnished Apartment

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Are you one of those young people who are never home and just out and about with your friends? Are you a business professional who slaves away at the office or travels all the time? We know: you’re a globetrotter, hopping from place to place, aren’t you? What do these three kinds of people have in common? They’re rarely at home, and when they are in their fortresses of solitude, they’re simply in bed sleeping. That’s it, nothing else.

So, the key question is: is a furnished apartment right for you? The answer to that query really depends on you and your situation. Whether you are in a committed relationship or you have limited finances, there are a multitude of factors to mull over to determine if you should rent a furnished apartment, which has plenty of fixings for you to enjoy.

Before you make that giant leap into the furnished rental market, ask some questions. Here are five friendly reminders that you need to think about when renting furnished apartments:

1. How Furnished is the Apartment?

Not all furnished apartments are created equal. Some furnished apartments provide the bare minimum: sofas, beds, chairs and tables. Other furnished apartments provide a lot more: sofas, beds, chairs, tables, coffee makers, television sets, Netflix, carpet, sheets and so on.

You may want the former, you may want the latter. It’s important to find out in advance what the apartment is going to be furnished with.

2. How Much Would It Cost?

Depending on what part of the city you’re going to live in, a furnished apartment may come with an above-average monthly price tag, while another one will be about average.

It is imperative to calculate how much a furnished apartment would cost you compared to an unfurnished apartment. The budgetary costs should also include how much it would be to furnish your home for the next 13 months.

Money isn’t finite, and it is important to count your loonies and toonies.

3. Can Multiple People Live in Furnished Suites?

Be careful…it can be hard to live with multiple people in a furnished apartment.

Since you will be reliable for any damage to the furniture, the more people who have living with you, the greater the risk there will be of damages. If you have at least two other roommates with you, then you must implement safeguards to ensure the sofa and chair won’t be hurt.

4. Should Downsizing be Considered?

One of the benefits of living in a furnished apartment is that you don’t need too much stuff, except for your essentials, like clothing, bathroom products and hangers.

That said, if you have way too many things, and you’re moving into a furnished suite, then you should think about downsizing. This ensures that you won’t be too crammed in the apartment.

5. How Clean Do You Have to Be?

You’re not a slob and you value maintaining a clean residence. Who wants to live in a pig sty?

Well, when you have someone else’s furniture inside the apartment, then you need to be extra vigilant. You must incorporate detailed cleaning policies, you must clean up spills that happen right away and you must prevent foul odours from latching onto the furniture (we’re looking at you, pet owners!).

Remember, when you have multiple roommates, it will be harder to keep the place clean.

Furnished apartments are great for university students, traveling businessmen and globetrotters. These three parties are the least likely to have any furniture, and this saves them time, money and energy – not everyone wants to go to Ikea every weekend and spend hundreds of dollars.

Ask questions, answer those questions and determine if a furnished apartment is right for you.

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