5 Features I Want in My Business Security System

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As a business owner, you have many things to worry about. You have to staff your store, manage a workforce, take care of the books, ensure you’re making a profit, and so much more. The security of your business is just another added stressor you don’t need.

That’s why you’re looking into business security systems. With a top-of-the-line security system, you won’t have as many worries. You can ensure your store, your products, and your people are safe. Business security systems also offer many more benefits to business owners, but only if they have the right features.

To get the most benefits from your system, which services should you look for and why?

1. High-Definition Cameras

You’ve probably seen still photos and videos of suspects on the news. The police are looking for them, but the images are so grainy and blurry that they could be virtually anyone! That’s what you get with low-quality video cameras.

If anything happens, you want a clear picture of the perpetrator. That’s why you need high-definition cameras. They’ll offer the optimal picture quality you need in case anything does happen and needs to be reported to police.

2. Remote Monitoring

What if you could prevent threats before they even occurred? It could save you a lot of trouble. That’s why remote monitoring services are one of the must-have features of business security systems.

With this feature, live agents monitor your building for trouble. If threats pop up, they can take action immediately. They can sound sirens, speakers, and even strobe lights to scare away thieves, vandals, and other criminals before they can act.

3. Video Verification

Of course, an alarm system is a must-have. But if the alarm is triggered and you’re notified, you have to go down to the office to check out the situation. You might even call the police. And the problem could be nothing more than a stray cat. This is a waste of your time—and an unnecessary stressor.

Video verification technology takes a video clip once your security alarm is triggered. The video clip is sent to the live agents monitoring your building, so they can determine whether or not the threat is real. You’ll know if you need to take action or not and exactly what you need to do.

4. Access Control

Don’t you want to know exactly who’s entering or exiting your building, without having to be there 24/7? This is possible with access control systems. These systems offer door locks and strikes that enable you to keep track of the goings on at your building. Using fobs, key cards, or even their smartphones, your employees can gain entry, while you have a record of all comings and goings.

Access control also saves you time. You won’t have to go in early to unlock the place or stay late to lock up and turn on the alarm system after everyone leaves.

5. Analytics

Some business security systems come with state-of-the-art motion detection technology. These detectors can tell the difference between vehicles, animals, and people. They can even distinguish background noise.

Why do you need this technology? Video analytics that use these detectors can ensure nothing goes unnoticed, even if your security guards are busy and away from the monitors. When the technology detects a threat, an instant alert is sent out, so your guards can respond as soon as possible.

With a top-of-the-line business security system, you can mitigate risks and appease some of your greatest concerns as a business owner. You can protect against property damage and theft, keep your staff and visitors safe, track your employees’ comings and goings, and reduce the time required from you to manage your security system.

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