5 Features I Really Want In My Business Printer

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Many believe that printers are becoming a thing of the past as they are not the most environmentally friendly office appliance. As corporations make the shift towards going green, they consider reducing or removing printers altogether. This decision can make a serious impact on your business and the satisfaction of your employees, possibly in both a positive and negative way. However, printers are still in high demand by employees, clients, and for personal use because of the convenience that they provide while completing work. Many employees, especially those who are unfamiliar with ample digital platforms, prefer to work with a hard copy in order to complete a document or assignment. Continuing employee satisfaction in regards to how they work is one of the largest reasons why you still need a business printer. The following looks at more benefits that having a business printer can bring to your office.

Here are the top reasons why you still need a printer for your business and why your corporation should hold off on removing them from your office.

1. Enhance presentation performance

Whether you are presenting a monthly report to your boss or a new online campaign to a client, having a hard copy of the presentation always enhances your performance. Complimenting a visual presentation or soft copy report with a well printed hard copy, gives the audience something to read in more detail, edit, and better understand. Presenting a paper document can make a great marketing tool and visual aid. Having a business printer in your office makes it easy for employees to complete and present their presentations seamlessly.

2. Shipping labels

Regardless of if your company ships daily, weekly, or monthly, a printer is required to print all shipping labels and documents. It is not feasible to ask an employee to continuously use the printing services of a different company for shipping labels. For large shipping companies, they allow scheduled pickup if you have already printed and attached the labels to the shipment. This is a necessary action that will save cost and time if printed from your home office rather than outsourcing the printing or manually delivering the packages to a shipping service.

3. Collaboration Convenience

Though there are many online collaboration platforms for teamwork, sometimes the best way to review or edit a document is with a pen and paper. For small collaborations, such as a document review between you and your manager, a hard copy document can be the best way to complete this task. Many people prefer writing and marking up documents rather than only discussing them. A business printer should be provided to employees so they can complete their best work in a way that suits them.

4. Cost efficiency

Business printers can add a rather large expense to your daily operations because of the ink, paper, energy, and maintenance. However, if the printer is used frequently, having a business printer is more cost effective than outsourcing the printing. External printing offices may be beneficial for larger printing jobs, however for small day-to-day documents, is it more cost efficient to use a convenient office printer.

5. Security

Outsourcing your printing leaves you susceptible to a security breach through information sharing. Having a printer in your office allows you to print with ease knowing that all classified information will remain internally. Most business printers include a security tool that protects all information that is being transferred from your computer to the printer. If your company needs to print classified information, consider the security benefits that a business printer can provide.

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