5 Features I Love About Steel Buildings

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Events such as structural damage, deterioration, or collapse are all issues that negatively affect buildings. These can be prevented by simply switching the building material to steel.

Steel buildings are gaining in popularity, and for good reason. Steel is a strong, reliable and eco-friendly product. So, if you are looking to invest in a new property, or redo your family home, switching to steel buildings may be right option for you.

1. Fire Resistant

Steel is a fire-resistant material. This means, if a fire were to occur in your home, it would burn slower when compared to other common building materials. The extra time that this fire-resistant material gives you in a crisis, could have life- saving results. A material that spreads, and burns slower will give you and your family more time to evacuate the home. Plus, with a slower burn rate, your home, and valuables will have a higher chance of being saved. This is because the authorities will have more time to get to your home to save it from complete devastation.

2. Wind Resistant

High winds, can cause severe damage to a building. Strong wind can cause destruction to the structure, or even result in a full building collapse. That’s why, a steel structure should be considered for your next home. Steel performs exceptionally well under high winds. This is because, it is a material that is able to bend without breaking. So, if your home was to undergo a severe wind storm, it is less likely to collapse. Ultimately, making the switch to steel, guarantees that even in the most extreme weather conditions, your building is safe.

3. Less Maintenance

To avoid short-term headaches, and frequent building maintenance, make the switch to steel. Steel is a long-lasting, low maintenance material, that is ideal for a building. Using a less durable material, such as wood, will leave your home more susceptible damage, as it deteriorates faster.

Unlike wood, steel frames are also water, and mold resistant. So, if a leak were to occur in your home, a steel frame can help to mitigate damage, and prevent it from spreading. Wood absorbs and retains moisture. Which causes the material to weaken, and become a breeding ground for mold or fungi.

4. Eco-Friendly Construction

It is undeniable, that construction has damaging consequences on its surroundings, and the environment as a whole. A typical construction site creates a large amount of waste, produces harmful CO2 emissions, and damages irreplaceable raw material. That’s why, switching to a steel building, can mitigate the environmental impact caused, by the constriction process. Steel used for building is manufactured, engineered, created, and delivered directly to the site it belongs to.

This means, there is no unnecessary waste produced on a job site that ends up in the trash. Plus, if there does happen to be excess steel material, it can be easily recycled. Steel has a high recycling rate, and can easily be repurposed for other projects, as it does not weaken.

5. Lower Energy Costs

Steel is an exceptionally strong and durable material. When used on a building, the structure can therefore support thicker insulation. Having a thick insulation layer, means your home will retain heat and cool air, longer and more effectively. Your appliances will be able to run for shorter periods of time, and at lower range, without affecting comfort. Since your appliances won’t be working as hard, your household is guaranteed to save money on energy.

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