5 Features I Love About My Patio Furniture

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Whether you spend most time on your deck with your children, your partner, or with a group of people when you host parties and barbeques, you want to make sure that your patio furniture meets your needs. While most people think the furniture on your patio is nothing but a place to eat or sit down, the set you choose is so much more than that.

It plays a significant role in accentuating your space and providing comfort. When looking at options for patio furniture, there are certain factors to be considered and 5 are described below.

1. Activities

How you will be using your patio furniture will largely determine what set you should purchase. Will you be eating outside a lot, hosting parties, or do you have children? Go with a set that includes lots of seating, a bigger table, and material that is easy to clean if spilled on. Will you be spending time on your patio with a partner or curling up with a good book? Consider a patio set with a reading nook complete with some pillows for extra comfort and a side table to set your book or a glass of wine on.

2. Storage

The amount of storage you have will also determine what patio set you should buy. If you have lots of room to spare for your set when it is not being used, then you do not have to be as mindful when thinking about storing the set in months it will not be used. If you have limited storage space, consider a patio set that can be folded up or taken apart to fit easily into your storage space.

If you have no storage space at all, consider a material that can withstand elements such as rain and snow such as aluminum or hard plastic. For extra protection also consider covers that will protect your furniture from harsh weather conditions if you need to leave it outdoors.

3. Space

When choosing patio furniture, you want a set that will accentuate your space but not leave it overcrowded. Consider the size of your deck and how it is shaped. When looking at different sets, envision how it will be set up and whether people will have enough room to walk around it comfortably as this could pose a safety issue.

4. Material

The most common types of furniture are rattan, plastic, metal, and wood with wrought iron often chosen for garden patios. You do not want to spend a lot of your time maintaining or cleaning your patio set so choose a material that is easy to clean. Consider your location and typical weather conditions. You do not want a material that will be ruined when exposed to weather that is normal for your area.

Also consider anything in your yard that could affect the condition of your patio set. Will it be near a swimming pool? If so, a set made of wood or rattan may swell or rot. Will your patio furniture be near a fire pit? In this case, wood, plastic, and rattan with cushioned seats may be damaged as a result of smoke, heat, and sparks.

5. Budget

The patio furniture you get will largely depend on the amount of money you are willing to spend. It is an easy choice to purchase something more economical, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for and a cheaper patio set may not last for too long.

Then again, sets made of materials such as aluminum or harder plastic are well-built and can withstand harsh weather conditions and will not break the bank. The price of patio furniture drops in August as fall approaches and stores look to sell their existing inventory so buying at this time would save you the most amount of money.

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