5 Features I Love About Cloud Hosting

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Most people who have websites know all about hosting but many are unclear about the concept of cloud hosting. Cloud hosting actually is a viable option that should be considered because it does have some great benefits. Traditionally, if you have a website, you have a hosting plan which you’ve paid for. Your site is hosted on a single server. With cloud hosting, it’s hosted on virtual computers or server clusters. So in essence, your site is hosted on multiple servers which is a good thing!

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of cloud hosting:

1. Efficient Scalability

Now that you understand that your site will be running on multiple servers, you can look at it in a different way too. So instead of multiple servers, just think of it as running on one incredibly powerful server. The good thing about this is, a cloud server can seamlessly add more resources to its cluster to handle a heavy load on the fly and this is a good thing for your website if it needs to grow.

2. Downtimes Are Reduced

If you’ve had a website in the past, you may have noticed that it was down on several occasions. These things happen to everyone. The thing with this is, you are at the mercy of your server. Your site is down because your server is down. You have no choice but to wait until it is back up and running, after which your site will be back too. With cloud servers, there is no single point of trouble. As you recall, your site is hosted by a cluster of servers, so the occurrence of downtime is incredibly rare. If you are doing business online and if your server is down, you could lose a lot of potential sales.

3. Extra Customizable Options

A good, reliable cloud hosting provider will allow you to customize your cluster server according to your own special needs. This is a nice benefit to have because you can choose to have more RAM, for example. You can play around with your storage in accordance with your specific needs, which may change. Some cloud hosting providers may allow you to change the speed of your processors whenever you feel it is necessary.

4. Pricing Is Reasonable

Cloud hosting plans tend to be like a middle ground between dedicated and shared servers. So the prices are competitive but the good thing is, you will get more bang for your buck. However, you must remember not too add on too many other resources, so you need to be aware of that, but you can always speak to a service representative first before you decide to do anything like that.

5. Increased Security

With traditional hosting, you will be sharing resources with other websites due to all of it being hosted on the same server. You could have a private dedicated server to keep sensitive information secure, but this will cost a lot more money. Cloud hosting is much more secure due to its infrastructure. It keeps sensitive information secure at various levels.

If you have a business site which makes sales, you should consider cloud hosting for greater security and less downtime. If your business needs grow, this is not a problem either, since traditional hosting does have its limits.

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