5 Facts I Learned From My DNA Test

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It is very natural to be curious about yourself. What is your story? Where did you descend from? Who were the people that came before you? Are you a distant relative of royalty or was one of your ancestors a sort of turning point in the history of the world? These are questions that you may never truly find an answer to without the help of DNA testing.

Most people know what an ancestry DNA test is, but what are some lesser known things that people should be considerate of regarding online DNA testing? Well, in the words below, you will find five big things to consider before ordering an online DNA test.

1. It is a Limited Science

Quite a few of us love a good dose of science-fiction to liven up those boring commutes or bed ridden days of illness, but the fiction part of that description is a key element here. Yes, DNA testing can help you determine who you descended from, as well as what the origins of your roots were. A DNA test cannot, however, determine what foods you would like, how adept your children will be at a given activity, or allow you to relieve the memories of your ancestors, unfortunately. Just keep your expectations limited and you will have a great experience.

2. Brace Yourself for Surprises

While life rarely mirrors a cheesy soap opera, filled with all sorts of fun drama, you never really know what lies in store for you. Whether that surprise be an unexpected paternity change, or even a realization that you are at high risk of a variety of diseases, you might want to prepare yourself for anything. While there’s a pretty fair chance that nothing as world rocking as that will happen, you can be caught off guard in a very distressing way.

3. Consider the Medical Follow-Up

As unlikely as a paternity surprise is, a medical surprise is not quite as rare. If your test does reveal a potential risky illness or disease that is laying dormant within you, it would be advised to go get yourself checked out. If not for sheer safety and precaution, then do it for your mental health, at least. The results of a surprising DNA test can really mess you up in unexpected ways, in some rare cases.

4. Consider Your Insurance

While an ancestry DNA test sounds like good fun to try out sometime, you need to remember that insurance companies can and will use the results to determine whether or not you are insurable. Once you take the test and receive your results, you might find a laundry list of potential illnesses and diseases that can cause the insurance company to raise your premiums or reconsider your life insurance, in a bad case scenario. After all, a DNA test should be fun and exciting. No one wants to have their insurance effected by one.

5. Consider the Information

When taking an online DNA test, you should be pretty wary of what happens to your DNA results. If the site that you used sells information on its users. It would be difficult to imagine anyone agreeing to allow someone to sell that kind of personal information to a third party, but it does happen. This is exactly why we need to read the fine print on any contracts thoroughly, so our information isn’t sold off to the highest bidder. It is just far better to be safe rather than sorry.

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