5 Common Roofing Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them

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If you are on this website, you know as well as we do that a good foundation is just as important as a sturdy roof. Without something secure over our heads, we are not granted security or protection from our environment. Lucky for all, common roofing mistakes can be easily avoided – just follow this simple guide. You choosing to become aware and getting this information is the first step to your roofing successes.

1. Cover old shingles instead of replacing them

Low quality roofing companies may cut this simple step, but the best way to redo your shingles is to replace them rather than attempt to recover. Attempting to recover versus replacing can give you more troubles down the line. Take appropriate preventative measures now. Invest some now rather than more later in your roofing needs.

2. Reuse old flashing

A good roofing company will not reuse old flashers to cut costs. A good roofing company will put new flashing on your roof if necessary so it’s less likely to wear down. Flashing helps to stop moisture from seeping into your home. With winter approaching, you want to be especially sure to prevent this.

3. Bad nail placement

Of course, nail placement is crucial for maintaining your roof. If placed improperly, the integrity of the structure can be compromised. That’s the last thing you want to worry about. So, what can you do to prevent bad nail placement? Aside from hiring the right roofing company, you should be sure that nails are placed underneath the top layer of shingles. This will prevent holes from forming long-term.

4. Bad overhang

A good roofing company will provide your house the appropriate amount of overhang as to avoid environmental damage that may occur as a result of poor placement. For additional security, be assured that the roofing company is using the correct amounts of fasteners per shingle to be sure that your home is balanced with the wind zone it’s placed in. Wind can be a detrimental force when it comes to shingles and your roof, but it doesn’t have to be.

5. Bad ventilation

Most homeowners have no clue just how important that ventilation is when it comes to roofing and your home overall. You should not just worry that your roof is properly secured for structure sake, but you should also be assured that your roof is properly vented. If left undone, improper ventilation can lead to excessive moisture build-up and heat damage, which can pose a threat to the integrity of your entire home.

Hiring the right roofing company will lead you to a secure roof, as well as a secure home and life for you and your loved ones. Taking the time to do your research about good roofing companies will pay off in so many ways in the long run. Quality is exceptionally important when it comes to the placement and security of your roof. Do not dismiss the importance of your roofing needs, ever.

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