My 4 Rules For Working With Personal Injury Lawyers

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If you have an accident or incident that results in an injury, you need help! First of all, you will need medical attention and some level of comforting, depending on the severity of the accident. Then there will be a series of complications and consequences that come out of the accident. They might include impact on employment through missed work, increased costs because of both missing work and additional medical bills, and a range of emotional and other unknown or unseen costs.

All of which can add up to a lot more pressure than one person can reasonably be expected to carry all by themselves. Don’t try and do this alone.

1. Why you should seek professional help

Seek out support from your medical practitioners for your immediate medical needs. Get help where possible from family, friends and your employer. Then talk to a personal injury lawyer. They can help you out by discussing any possible claims that you can make as a result of your injury and even more importantly, help you deal with the insurance companies about your case.

You may not think you need a personal injury lawyer for your situation, which may even seem very small at the time. You might also think that you can probably take care of it yourself, but don’t make that assumption. A personal injury lawyer will be there to help you deal with your legal and financial pains, just like your doctor looks after any medical concerns.

2. How a personal injury lawyer can help

Personal injury lawyers can take the wheel for you. If you’ve been injured, your body has enough to deal with before adding the stress of negotiating a deal with insurance and everything that comes with making a personal injury claim. Your personal injury lawyer will be able to guide you. He or she can tell you if your claim has any weight, how much compensation you can expect to receive, and will guide you through the entire process.

Then, they can take care of the negotiations with your insurance company so you don’t have to. Personal injury lawyers also know the industry, and the game the insurance companies are playing – they won’t settle for less than you deserve, as some inexperienced negotiators do.

3. What kind of personal injuries will they help with?

Personal injuries, especially those for which you were not at fault, are the cases where you will be owed compensation for your troubles. But this doesn’t mean your injury has to be dramatic or severe.

Even if you are in doubt, contact a personal injury lawyer. They can review your claim with you and let you know if it is worth pursuing. Injuries can include slipping and falling, car accidents, injuries that are the result of faulty products, trespassing, assault, negligence or intentional emotional or physical harm.

4. Costs for a personal injury lawyer

Personal injury lawyers will often offer their initial consultation and advice absolutely free. In fact, most will not charge anything at all and will take many cases on a contingency basis. That means that they only get paid if they win their case for you. The initial consultation will help you to understand where you stand with your accident or injury and the steps that need to be taken on a go forward basis.

You will usually only pay some small admin fees to get started with a personal injury lawyer and they will explain their billing process in detail. The contingency percentage that personal injury lawyers charge can range between 10% and 45%. There are other payment options too, a flat rate or an hourly rate, however these are less common than the contingency payment.

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