4 Reasons to Work With Marketing Recruiters

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Filling high-level marketing positions on your own is no simple task. Proper recruiting takes a ton of time, energy, and resources, which just isn’t feasible to do on your own.

Marketing and sales recruiters focus on finding employees with marketing experience. This type of recruiter pays specific attention to the marketing industry and the makeup of good employees with the ability to lead marketing divisions. This blog post looks at four reasons why your company should take advantage of working with marketing recruiters!

1. You’ll Be Introduced To Better Candidates

When your company has specific needs, it doesn’t really make sense to entertain unsolicited applications. Beyond just finding a candidate who looks good, you need to find someone who fits in with the culture and goals of your team.

When you work with marketing and sales recruiters, you’re already increasing your chances of interviewing the top 10% of candidates in the industry. Marketing recruiters often have relationships with top candidates and know how to translate your job description into an enticing pitch that attracts the best talent.

Candidates brought to you by marketing recruiters are proven to last longer. Your investment in working with a recruiting agency often results in an employee who can contribute to your company for at least a decade.

2. Your Hiring Rate Will Go Up

Marketing recruiters go the extra mile when bringing you candidates. Instead of just finding people who have the skill set to succeed with your company, they take the time to craft a pitch to the applicant which increases enthusiasm and hiring rates.

Because marketing recruiters are pitching your company, they come back with highly engaged applicants ready to thrive in your business. This approach allows marketing recruiters to convince proven and experienced marketing experts to work with your company. This access to high-level applicants just isn’t possible when accepting applications from anyone.

3. The Hiring Process Becomes Faster

Traditional job hunting is a slow-moving process that costs you money. Every interview you do is taking away from time that could be spent helping your company grow. The traditional job hunting approach requires you to invest a lot of your own time and energy.

Working with a recruiter takes almost every aspect of filling a position out of your hands. Recruiters operate through a network and aren’t just randomly looking for applicants. Marketing recruiters have a refined process that makes it easy for them to identify the right candidates for your company quickly.

4. Marketing Recruiters Operate With Specialized Knowledge

If you hire an agency that knows nothing about marketing it becomes significantly harder to find the right fit for your company. Marketing recruiters work within their niche, which makes them familiar with the intangibles that create a great marketing employee. Marketing recruiters have a hands-on perspective on marketing which makes finding people with the right skills an easier task.

Another important part of having industry knowledge is marketing recruiters can quickly adapt to industry changes. If certain skills become more valued or scarce because of an industry change, marketing recruiters can promptly modify their approach to capitalize on the change. Because marketing recruiters take the time to get familiar with the industry, they’re able to bring you employees that keep your company fresh and relevant.

If you’re looking for a new member of your team, take advantage of marketing recruiters. Unless you’re prepared to put in tons of time and energy into the traditional recruiting process, it’s much more efficient to take advantage of the many useful services offered by marketing recruiters!

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