4 Reasons Why I Want to Buy a Used Car

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You need to purchase a vehicle and you are committed to finding a good used car. It would be easy to find one that fits your budget and meets your requirements in places such as classified ads and online forums, but the truth is these vehicles will not give you the reliability and value you are looking for. Instead, considering a certified pre-owned vehicle from a reputable dealership would benefit you greatly and here are reasons why.

1. Cheaper

The most obvious reason why you might want to choose a certified pre-owned vehicle is that they are significantly cheaper than a new vehicle. On average, vehicles that are two years old are 25% cheaper and 40% cheaper if it is four years older or more. It is correct that a certified pre-owned vehicle will be more expensive than a vehicle you find using another method such as through a private sale or classified ad. However, it will give you reassurance that it will be in good condition and with the low-interest financing often offered for used vehicles, you can find a vehicle that suits your needs and still enjoy low monthly payments. From my personal experience, this is especially true with used Honda vehicles, which are affordable and reliable at the same time.

2. They are the best

Some dealerships do not accept every vehicle that shows up on their lots. To qualify for this program, a vehicle must be late model, low mileage, and have a clean history report. These stipulations will guarantee that your used vehicle will be in acceptable shape and you are not stuck with a vehicle that was not in a condition to be sold in the first place.

Every certified pre-owned vehicle for sale goes through a rigorous inspection process that looks at the engine, all interior components, and physical appearance to confirm that the vehicle is road-worthy. Also, before being available for sale the vehicle is test driven to make sure all is well when it is being driven.

3. Warranty

Certified pre-owned vehicles are also attractive because they often offer the remainder of the original warranty. In addition, many certified pre-owned vehicle programs will also offer an extended manufacturer-backed warranty that can be added to the original warranty. This is especially helpful when the original warranty for the vehicle is about to expire.

Buying a used car through a private sale may offer some type of warranty, but sometimes they do not transfer to a new owner and if the car has no warranty at all, you are not covered for any repairs. Buying a certified pre-owned vehicle is beneficial because you are guaranteed a car in great shape and will be covered by a warranty for any repairs that need to be completed within the specified timeframe.

4. Roadside assistance and maintenance

While your certified pre-owned vehicle is guaranteed, like any car things can go wrong. Most programs offer roadside assistance that will help you when you need it. Usually, coverage lasts for about 7 years after car was originally bought new, but because certified pre-owned vehicles are late model, chances are you will still be covered for a few years after you purchase your car. The roadside assistance program generally covers flat tires, dead batteries, lock-outs, gasoline, and will provide towing for more serious problems with the vehicle.

Some certified pre-owned vehicle programs also offer free maintenance as needed for either a specific period of time or until you reach a specified mileage limit. This maintenance offer usually covers oil changes and tire rotations that can save you some money. These appointments also provide the opportunity for the dealership to inspect your vehicle and identify any issues that need to be addressed.

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