4 Reasons Why I Love My Fat Tire Bike

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If you are currently looking to purchase a new bicycle, chances are you have taken the time to look at the more popular kinds such road, mountain, or comfort bicycles. While each of these types of bicycles have their own respective advantages, electric bikes are generating all the buzz among cyclists. Nonetheless, another type of bike is becoming more prevalent too: fat tire bicycles.

A fat tire bicycle, or fatbike, is a type of bike that has oversized tires and while some consumers refused to consider giving them a try, there are many reasons to consider purchasing one no matter what your cycling needs are.

1. Low maintenance

Types such as road, mountain, or comfort bicycles are reliable overall but they all have many different parts which means more can go wrong with them. Sometimes these issues mean buying parts and having them repaired by bicycle shops that can cost you time and money. Fat tire bikes are appealing because their frames are extremely sturdy but basic in design, meaning that the only issues you will probably have with the bicycle, if any, are with the wheels.

The versatility of fat tire bikes and the ability of the rider to take it across any terrain may result in more wear and tear but this does not matter as much as it does with other types of bikes as they can usually take a beating without getting broken or damaged at all.

2. Suitable for all surfaces

Road bicycles are probably the most popular type of bikes these days but they are also notorious for being unsuitable for trails and rougher terrains. Fat tire bicycles are a great option because they are suitable for all surfaces. Whether you are riding on trials, rural roads, city streets, or up in the mountains, fatbikes will give you a great die with no difficulties at all.

These types of bicycles have become increasingly popular with those who seek adventure, being able to withstand rides through heavy muds, sand, and rock. The tires on fatbikes are able to be reduced to as little as 8 psi giving you more traction on rougher terrains, a luxury that other types of bicycles definitely cannot give.

3. Comfortable

While comfort bicycles main draw is obviously comfort, fat tire bicycles are giving them a run for their money in this area. The lower psi that is required in the tires act as effective shock absorbers no matter what type of terrain you are on. The psi of the tires can also be increased up to 30 psi depending on riding conditions, allowing the rider to make adjustments that will make their excursion as comfortable as possible.

The larger tires also absorb a lot of vibration that can accommodate a ride on your bicycle and this can lead to less injuries to backs, legs, and wrists. Bicycles can be equipped with extra shocks if this is an identified need by the rider to ensure no injuries are sustained while riding.

4. All-weather riding

Bicycle-riding is an activity that is often equated with warmer seasons and this is where fat tire bicycles break the mold. In addition to being able to ride on all terrains, owners of fatbikes are also able to ride all year round and in fact they were originally manufactured to be used on ice and snow.

In addition to these types of conditions, the bigger tires on these types of bicycles provides the ability to ride on sand, mud, gravel, and larger rocks with relative ease. Even on the rainiest of days fatbike riders can enjoy the traction on their tires, providing more grip on terrains that would make riders of other types of bicycles slip and slide all over.

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